Well, I saw that those glass beads that can reflect some bright light in the sun turned into powder when they were lightly smashed under a small hammer.
The giant dragons were still a little sore at first, but after Wei Xiaobei said that these glass balls had no value in human hands, they could have as many as they wanted, and they were made from ordinary gravel, the dragons immediately took the Merlin The mage is regarded as the most abominable liar in the world!
It is simply intolerable to deceive the dragons with worthless junk and let the dragons act as their coolies.
/To be honest, if Wei Xiaobei hadn’t stopped them, these giant dragons might have killed all the way towards King Arthur.
Of course, these giant dragons didn’t know where King Arthur’s territory was, so it was a good thing that Wei Xiaobei stopped them. Otherwise, these giant dragons disappeared and Wei Xiaobei would have to find them.
For Wei Xiaobei, these giant dragons are not only excellent research materials, but they can also become excellent thugs in the future.
To be honest, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, these dragons were wasting their talents all the time.
Although they can grow in strength while sleeping, if they are allowed to continue to hone, then the dragons that grow up in the same time may be completely different.
Besides, Wei Xiaobei also needs to find an opponent for Zhao Yunjun who has moved to Qingmu Paradise, and these giant dragons are the most suitable candidates.
“What? Moving?”
“No, we’re not going!”
“Yes, we won’t go!”
As soon as they heard what Wei Xiaobei meant, the dragons immediately became excited. In their opinion, the environment of the dragon hill was so good, a thousand times better than the gray world. Who knows what Wei Xiaobei said? Whether the place is good or not, they are not fools and can be deceived at will!
Well, in fact, from Wei Xiaobei’s point of view, these giant dragons have very simple minds and are the best training tools for budding swindlers.
Indeed, although the environment here is cold and the land is relatively barren, in the eyes of the dragons, it is an excellent place to settle.
After all, everyone knows what the Gray World is like.
The three-headed black dragon king didn’t have much objection to the dragons’ objections, because it was currently sleeping with its little cutie in its arms.
Wei Xiaobei did not forcibly suppress these giant dragons, but opened the spatial passage to the Aoki Paradise.
After the spiritual energy in the space channel slowly emitted, something was wrong with the eyes of the giant dragons. Even the three black dragon kings were attracted by the spiritual energy and woke up from their slumber.
There is no doubt that they can feel the benefits of this spiritual energy to them.
This human doesn’t seem to be lying to himself?
A young dragon with a rather r