Hull’s spot was bought through the mercenary union’s auction house, for which they paid a full 630,000 gold coins. Even though the economic situation is now very good, the money is still unbearable for the Immortal King.
In Hull’s original conjecture, after paying such a high price, the Chamber of Commerce should at least give him special hospitality. Even if it was not as good as a king’s courtesy, at least it should treat him with delicious food and drinks.
Unexpectedly, after boarding the ship, the captain only gave him a room without a hatch, and his usual food was no different from that of ordinary crew members.
/But when he learned that there were two other passengers like him on the ship, his anger disappeared. The money spent by the two passengers was equivalent to half of his, and their treatment was far less good than his. The two of them could only squeeze into a small dark room at the bottom of the ship, and usually ate scraps. Sometimes they would be called up by the crew to help with work. They look like two cheap laborers.
/In comparison, Hull was quite satisfied with his situation, but he was still a little curious as to why anyone would be willing to pay such a high price for suffering.
What surprised Hull was that when he raised this question, everyone on the boat looked at him in surprise.
After a while, the first mate on the ship patted him on the shoulder and said: “Didn’t you ask beforehand whether our ship can be anchored in the Holy City for three months? The reason why your tickets are so expensive is that during this three-month stay.
Hel was slightly stunned when he was told this. After a while, he asked: “You have taken many passengers before, right? What are the chances of staying in the Holy City?”
The first mate thought for a while and said: “One or two successes will occur in a year.”
“You only carry three people every time?” Hull asked.
“Three people is a small number. Sometimes there are five or six people. Your cabin can sleep three people. Don’t you think it’s too spacious for one person?” the first mate said with a wild smile.
Although he was laughed at, Hull didn’t care. He casually asked: “What do those who stay in the Holy City do?”
“This is very expensive information. How much do you plan to spend on it?” the first officer said in no hurry. His annual income from selling this information alone was much higher than his annual salary.
Hull stopped talking now. Although he had some money, it was just for living expenses in the next few months. What’s more, he doesn’t care much about the information provided by these sailors. Anyway, if he goes to the Holy City and finds a professional prison to show his skills, the people in the Holy City will definitely treat him as a big shot and worship him.
After dinner, he returned to his room as usual. To his surprise, one of the other two passengers on the ship came to visit him.
This man’s name is Owen, a dwarf and a skill master.
Gnomes are talkative and goo