At this moment, he still has five thousand marks in his hand. This is the amount he exchanged a month ago. If he exchanges it now, it will definitely not be that much. If he saves some money, it will be enough for him to spend for two years.
He randomly invited a worker to act as a guide and walked around the town. He needed to buy some things. For him, whose money was not very full at the moment, those things had to be consistent with his status and cheap enough.
Hull just looked at every room. He remembered what was in the villa and what was missing. This was also a kind of training.
In addition to training his memory, Hull also started training his observation skills. The instructor from the Intelligence Department did not give him any advice in this regard, so he could only start from the aspects he was most familiar with.
Hull was most familiar with clothes, so while scanning the people around him, he quickly judged the identities and occupations of these people through their clothes.
The most convenient place to buy things is naturally the market in the center of the town.
Hull already knew after looking at a few stalls that most of the stalls here were engaged in wholesale transactions. Those stall owners not only sold things, but also purchased goods.
From a businessman who deals in ores and metal tools, Hull spent more than two hundred crowns to buy a barrel of gunpowder, twenty-five pounds of lead, two alcohol blowtorches, an eight-centimeter-diameter graphite crucible, and a set of various calibers. of lead shot molds and trimming clips.
He told the businessman where he lived, and Heer asked the businessman to deliver all the goods to his manor.
Although the metal tools sold by the merchant included complete sets of tailoring supplies, Hull didn’t like these things. What he needed were expert-level tools that had to be specially customized.
It took Hull a lot of effort to find a store that could take his order. The price was naturally much higher, so Hull asked the store to help him buy some high-end clothing materials.
The list in Hull’s mind finally left only the last category of items – hunting tools.
There are also various hunting tools for sale in that market, but Hull wants the best things. When he first arrived in this town, he had already found out from the mayor who was the best hunter here. And it was confirmed from the mouth of the worker.
Sherut’s best hunter was named Moon, but when Hel stood in front of that hunter, he was a little unbelievable.
What he saw was an old man sitting in a rocking chair, with a pipe in his mouth and a knife in his hand, concentrating on carving a piece of wood.
The old man’s eyelids were slightly swollen and he looked weak. His head was bald and his face was a little red.
/When Hel said what he meant, the old man didn’t even raise his head. He just pointed around with his fingers and said, “Leave seven hundred crowns, and you take everything.” He sighed softly as he spoke. .
Glancing at the various tools hanging on t