“It is said that this is a curse that haunts our family. It is the curse of innocent people who were killed by members of our family. In our family, whenever a child is born, one of the parents will always die. My mother is In this way, she died not long after giving birth to me.”
Hull couldn’t help but let out a wry smile. This curse may come true, Bruns. Feng. Philip, this person, will definitely die in some accident in five or six years.
“Even if this curse is true, you are no longer a member of the Dockermann family. You now belong to the Philip family and are Countess Philip. What’s more, this is another world. Two worlds apart, the power of the curse will definitely be greatly weakened. You and I will be fine.” Hull could only continue to comfort him.
“I know what you said must be true.” An Qi closed his eyes gently.
Swallowing the last “fire” into his mouth, the Immortal King felt the increase in power. At this moment, he had completely devoured the soul of the owner of this body, the magician Badmon. The growth in strength has made him no longer need to rely on Badmon’s soul to control this body.
Such results must be attributed to the best hunting ground of Lagoulgue.
In the past three days, he had hunted down twenty-seven assassins from Hank’s Trading Company. The dark sacrifices made with the lives of these assassins paid for all this.
If Hank’s Trading Company had not sent an assassin, but an upright assassin, he would have definitely retreated. Unfortunately, Hank’s Trading Company made the wrong choice.
/The assassins sent one after another became his snacks. The only regret is that only eleven of the twenty-seven assassins successfully “sacrificed”, and the other sixteen would rather die than surrender. “Dark Sacrifice” requires the willingness of the victim. Deception can be used, but mental control cannot be used.
Originally, fire could not be swallowed directly. It could only be combined with meditation to slowly increase the magic power. However, the Immortal King found a very rare magic core, which was a kind of magic beast called the Shadow Salamander. There was nothing strange about this thing. It has no attack power and only survives by swallowing negative energy.
This is just a low-level magic core. After fusion, in addition to being able to become invisible, it only has the ability to attack with negative energy. It is definitely more rubbish than the Winged Demon Core and the Snake Man Demon Core.
But the Immortal King took a fancy to it. What he wanted was the ability to swallow negative energy.
The “fire” obtained by “sacrifice” is a kind of negative energy, or negative energy with a special mark similar to divine power.
After devouring eleven fire seeds in a row, his power has returned to one-fifth of his true body. This power can last for three months.
Of course, the Immortal King is not just thinking about improving his own strength, he is also paying attention to the construction of the stronghold at any time.
The renovation of the stronghold went smoot