Among all the noble private armies, Chelsea’s tribe is the most rubbish. All bamboo spears and equipment, not even a pair of armor can be seen.
The equipment is rubbish, and the key sergeants are a bunch of crooked people. The scattered formations showed that they had never been trained.
Everyone is afraid of comparison. With the help of allies, Hudson suddenly found that his army had become an “elite division.”
At least judging from the marching queue, the team of the Koslow family was the only one that maintained its formation. Unlike other noble private armies, they have to look for people everywhere every time they set up camp.
With so many teammates added, the marching speed naturally dropped again and again. As the scheduled gathering time approached, no one was seen in a hurry.
No one panicked, and Hudson didn’t bother to be the first person. The law does not punish everyone also applies to the continent of Aslant, especially since they are noble nobles.
Under the current political system, nobles are not given ordinary preferential treatment. Earl Pierce had the ability to punish a single noble, but he would never dare to punish a group of nobles at the same time. Otherwise, if there is a commotion, the kingdom will definitely be alarmed.
Since ancient times, there have been irreconcilable conflicts between the central government and local princes. How to suppress the local nobles is a required course for every king.
/For the sake of the stability and balance of power in the kingdom, successive kings have never forgotten to add sand to the local area. The most intolerable thing is that the local area is monolithic.
Under this general principle, the relationship between the local big nobles and the small and medium nobles will naturally not be harmonious, and they dare not be too harmonious.
After thinking about all this, Hudson suddenly understood the practices of his colleagues. A little fuss, which seems very nonsensical, is actually a manifestation of political wisdom.
Of course, we can’t say how smart everyone is. Most people do this just out of instinct. Maybe they don’t want to be late, but the low efficiency prevents them from catching up.
The people who really directed all this were probably the nobles above. Generation after generation of hard work and generation after generation of indulgence have led to the current situation.
If you change position, Hudson will do the same. Deliberately creating a situation of lax local control was the best way to eliminate the king’s suspicion.
But this situation has changed in recent decades. With the passage of time, the accumulated strength of local princes became stronger and stronger, and the advantages of the royal family were no longer obvious. There are gradually more and more small attempts to make various attempts.
Of course, these are a