Before Hull could answer, the dwarf Owen was already loading flowers into his storage space, and in the blink of an eye the entire room was cleaned up. This guy chirped and ran away without a trace.
The dwarf Owen did not run far. He took the flowers and went directly to the hotel owner.
Hull actually overestimated the ability of this dwarf. This guy was not very familiar with the Holy City, but he was just a little more discerning. When he was still on the ship, he had already learned everything about the situation in the dock area from the mouths of the sailors. Tohru, knows whose sphere of influence is in the dock area, and who should be approached if he wants to sell something.
It was from the mouths of those crew members that he learned that there was such a hotel in the dock area, and the owner of the hotel was the leader of the inquisition here.
Half an hour later, the wretched dwarf jumped out of the innkeeper’s room. The flowers in his storage space had turned into several purple-red money bags.
In addition to the money, he also got some information from the innkeeper.
This information was impossible for the crew on the ship to tell him.
At three or four o’clock in the morning, the entire dock area is still shrouded in thick fog. At this time, there are the fewest people walking around outside.
However, at this moment when most people are resting, there are also people who are busy. Slender boats are shuttled between various areas of the Holy City. These small boats are loaded with supplies that each area needs to replenish.
There are a total of sixty-six districts in the Holy City. Port District No. 17, where Hull is located, is considered a relatively small district. The largest district is even much larger than Fansai.
Some of the sixty-six districts of the Holy City are absolutely forbidden to outsiders, while others do not allow outsiders to stay overnight. At night, non-Holy City residents will be driven back to the port area where they disembarked.
It is such an area that Hull and the dwarf Owen are heading to by boat at this moment.
This area was not originally open to outsiders like Hull. Those who could enter there were some prominent figures, at least a caravan manager.
The information that the dwarf Owen got from the hotel owner included how to sneak into this area.
There is only one kind of transport ship that can take people into the inner area without fear of being interrogated.
Hull looked around. There were cages all around. There were people in the cages. They were slaves. This ship was specially designed to transport slaves.
The boat went around one island after another, and the entire holy city was composed of sixty-six man-made islands, large and small. Although almost everyone in this world can fly, no one dares to fly over these islands casually. Except for patrols, anyone flying randomly will be shot down. Likewise, you cannot teleport casually here.
/After sailing for almost twent