“Maybe other people don’t have as much money as I do.” Hull said disapprovingly.
The old man chuckled.
He pointed to a bear skin spread on the ground and said, “Guess how much a piece of skin like this is worth?”
Hull casually glanced at the bear skin. It was the skin of an adult brown bear. The coat was shiny, smooth, compact yet fluffy. Although he did not check it carefully, according to Hull’s experience, the bear skin should have No scars.
“One hundred crowns. Of course, if you are willing to go to a big city to sell it, the price will be three to five times that.” Hull said casually.
“You are very proficient in valuation.” The old man was stunned for a moment and immediately praised.
After a moment, he continued: “From September to November, as long as you can come out alive after entering the mountains, you can get at least ten furs like this, let alone more valuable prey.
“As long as a hunter can stand here, no one can’t afford the money. The reason why no one is willing to do this is because the hunters are convinced that what I tell them about me has given them After removing the most important things, the rest are just some skills.
“The hunters who come here are very confident. They believe that as long as they know the key, they can rely on their own abilities to find other techniques. Most hunters do exactly this, and they are indeed successful.
“Everyone in this town must have told you that I am the best hunter here. In fact, many hunters are convinced that they are the best, but every one of them has heard my story. I have received benefits, so I am embarrassed to declare that.”
/Hull immediately asked: “Has anyone really reached your level, where you only need a shovel, a rope, and the power of nature to hunt?”
Hearing these words, Old Man Moon seemed a little unhappy.
/He rolled his eyes and muttered, “I don’t remember telling you that that’s the peak I’ve reached.”
The old man pointed at the various tools on the wall and said: “To hunt with traps, you must deal with the prey skillfully, attract the prey, and control the prey’s attention. All of this requires a lot of energy and time. As you get older, your energy becomes more and more important.” The worse it gets, the more difficult it is to hunt with this method.
“In addition, I have discovered that hunting with traps has many disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that many good opportunities are missed, and the second is that the weaknesses of the prey cannot be effectively exploited. After all, no matter how you use the trap, the trap itself Always dead.
“Since then, I no longer stick to just using traps, but I have tried every means to find the most energy-saving hunting method, and I have created many specialized tools for this purpose.”
As he spoke, he pointed to the corner of the wall, a shelf filled with various ropes, and said: “Those are the various lassoes I invented. Some can be used to