Wandering in the mausoleum, suddenly, a thick stone door blocked the path of the immortal king.
This kind of stone gate cannot be attacked at all. When opening the stone door outside, the Immortal King tried to use brute force to open the door. As a result, not only was his attack rebounded, but he also alerted the twelve guards who were guarding the gods.
The Immortal King stopped in front of the stone door, and he summoned the Immortal Throne from half a dimension.
The Immortal Throne is the key to the stone door.
Sitting in the Immortal Throne, the Immortal King made the Immortal Throne move forward slowly. In the blink of an eye, his body was submerged in the stone door, and it was as if such a huge rock did not exist at all.
The stone door was five or six meters wide. When the Immortal King emerged from the other side, his eyes lit up. Behind the stone gate is a hall, hundreds of meters long and wide. There is a ship parked in the center of the hall.
It is somewhat reluctant to say that this is a boat, because the boat is like a flat shuttle, and this shuttle is fifty or sixty meters long and twelve or thirteen meters wide. Its surface is silvery and clear, and it is unknown what it is used for. What metal is it cast from.
The thing that made his hair stand on end was inside the shuttle. But at this moment, the Immortal King’s attention was not on the boat.
There is a corpse suspended on each side of the boat. The corpse on the left has fair skin and handsome cheeks, and must be the angel who was ambushed and killed; the other corpse is also in human form, but its appearance is extremely ugly, and its body is covered in pimples and scabies.
The two corpses were not complete and had been dissected, but the dissection of Angel’s corpse was more serious. The entire chest was cut open. Not only was the heart core missing, but many other organs were also missing, and even the spine was missing. There is a length of about a foot missing.
Finally, as the most significant proof of being an angel, the wings on his back were also cut off.
In comparison, the demon corpse next to it was much more complete. Although it had been disemboweled, it only lacked the core.
After circling the two corpses, the Immortal King knew that his trip was worthwhile. The corpse in front of him was definitely better than the corpses of high-dimensional creatures that he had tried to obtain through other plans.
The Immortal King studies space magic, and summoning high-level space creatures is simply a trivial matter for him. Take the shadow sealed in the God-killing Whip as an example. It is one of the most powerful creatures in the high-rise space. The only angel that can be compared with it is the strongest Seraph.
/The reason why he didn’t do that was because the summoned high-space creatures were very dangerous. Moreover, the high-level space creatures that he can like are definitely beyond his control; as for the high-level space creatures that he doesn’t like, there is no point in summoning th