The wing used for gliding was replaced with an improved wind wing technique, and the user’s telekinesis was used to glide, and the sliding method was used instead of pedaling hard.
In addition, a footwork based on the secret book was used to replace the original long-span movements with fast-paced and small steps.
/The outline of the new gliding technique has taken shape in his mind, and he even plans to learn from the secret method of practicing Qing Gong to practice the use of this new gliding technique.
That is to pour lubricating oil on the ground and train on the slippery ground. He can fully understand the benefits of this training method. Through this method, after mastering the technique, every movement he makes will not waste any excess power, and he can borrow power in the most difficult places.
However, just an outline is not enough, he also needs to spend a lot of effort to perfect this new gliding technique.
In addition, there is one more thing to do, and that is to give this new gliding technique a nicer name.
The carriage was not moving smoothly and was swaying along the way. In addition, traveling for a long time can easily make people tired, so everyone in the carriage was groggy.
It was definitely a long and arduous trip.
Hull couldn’t praise the speed of the stagecoach, which reminded him of his experience riding a railroad train in Miscon.
The train running on the railway track needs to drag six carriages, each carriage has ten people, a total of sixty people, but it goes much faster than now.
Railway trains are indeed much more useful than horse-drawn carriages. No wonder Debreton and the Beru Empire worked hard to build them.
Once upon a time, he thought that the failure was due to the poor weapons and insufficient firepower of the Yafa army. Later, after getting acquainted with Major Martin, he realized that the Yafa soldiers did not have the taste of soldiers. Not to mention the lack of discipline, they even kept secrets. Even the most fundamental thing like this cannot be done.
So for a while, he attributed Yafa’s failure to the romanticism of the Yafa people, which could not resist the “rigidity” of the Beru people.
But now, he vaguely felt that Yafa was far behind the times.
Wouldn’t it be nice if Miscon had a railroad track to the south?
While Hull was thinking wildly, a gunshot suddenly rang out, waking up all the drowsy people in the carriage.
“There are bandits!” someone shouted from the top of the carriage. Those were the bodyguards of the carriage house. Each stagecoach had one or two bodyguards.
/Hull was not surprised by the bandit attack. He had encountered bandits before when he went to Sherut.
When the three major provinces were still under the jurisdiction of Yafa, public security was very chaotic. The bandits of Yafa were well known to the world because of the monster Brotherhood behind them.
The Brotherhood only opposed the old dy