Lyfeimus’ reaction speed was also extremely fast. After the golden spear completely penetrated Li Lian’s body and was out of his control, his hands were immediately covered with golden light, and he and Li Lian in his arms fell to the ground. In an instant, he immediately wanted to place his hands on Li Lian’s body.
But Li Lian’s reaction was much faster than he expected. To be precise, Li Lian’s super state, elementary super state, greatly enhanced the human body’s reaction speed, combat instinct, combat skills, etc. , the advanced super state is to build up muscles, strengthen strength, enhance speed, etc., so his reaction speed is much faster than Lyphemus.
The moment he landed, Li Lian fiercely grabbed the golden spear that penetrated his body from his back with one hand, and then pulled hard, and the blood and visceral fragments were pulled out together. His mouth and nose were filled with blood and Some jet-black fragments poured out, but even so, his movements were not slow at all. Just before Lyphemus was about to place his hands on him, he had come to his senses and fiercely cut them off. The fairy sword thrust into Lephemus’s chest.
/“Death! Enemy of mankind!”
Li Lian’s mental state at this moment is almost crazy. Although his movements are extremely calm and he even set a trap in mid-air, these are just additional attributes after he enters the super state. His heart at this moment is already Swallowed by rage, almost all of his comrades were wiped out, his lover’s life and death were unknown, and there were violent explosions and a lot of roars coming from the expeditionary base camp in the distance, all because of these alien races in front of him!
As soon as the Absolute Immortal Sword was inserted into Lyfeimos’s chest, it immediately exploded out. The terrifying power burst out from Lyfeimos’s body. Just as Li Lian finished this series of actions, After the action, when he inserted the Absolute Immortal Sword in his hand into Lyfeimus’s chest, Lyfeimus’s hands were also imprinted on Li Lian’s body, and a bright golden light also surged out.
All this has stunned the two high-level Holy Spirits in the distance. The two high-level Holy Spirits are the Elf clan and the Sea clan. They were just blown away by the coercion of the Immortal Sword, and they did not suffer anything. Hurt, but when they just stood up, they saw Li Lian and Lyfeimos colliding together. When violent light burst out, Lyfeimos’s body began to crack inch by inch, and Li Lian’s body was also damaged. Seriously injured, blood began to spurt out from all over his body, and his body began to slowly disintegrate at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The two high-level Holy Spirits, the Elf and the Turtle Man, looked at each other. Without saying a word, they both rushed towards the place where the light erupted. During the impact, the two of them were even separated from each other by a distance. Most of them were Their minds are focused on each other.
Are you kidding me? It’s an artifact! That is an artifact! Not to mention