Liu Juren looked at this pretty girl and said with a smile: “Xiaojun, these credit points seem to be a lot, but you also know that it takes 100,000 credit points to redeem a tank. My team can I still owe the Council Hall hundreds of thousands of credits. This time, according to the Council Hall’s order, I will only return half of the credits. However, my men still need to eat and drink, and their families also need to eat and drink, as well as fuel, ammunition, etc. How much is left? Moreover, as your credit points increase, prices will definitely rise as well. I’m a big boss and I don’t understand all the things you people who study economics do. After all, there’s no free pie in the world, right?”
While they were joking, several soldiers around Xiaojun had already walked to several cars, letting Li Lian and others get out of the car first. Li Lian and others were also worried, but they were not afraid. After all, everyone here was These tribesmen would definitely still be afraid two years ago. After all, people do not fight with officials, but now the whole world is full of alien races, and humans are basically extremely united. They are not afraid of what these soldiers will do to them.
/Sure enough, under the leadership of these soldiers, Li Lian and others were able to pass the checkpoint first. They did not need to wait with the convoy. They had to collect the data and harvest before they could pass the checkpoint. As refugees returning to the human city, Those who do so can receive the best treatment.
/Liu Juren seemed to have known this for a long time, so he did not stop these soldiers from taking Li Lian and others into the checkpoint first. Instead, he shouted loudly from behind: “Li Lian, you enter the human city first, remember to settle them down.” , go to my or Xie An’s house to have a drink with us in three days, you are a serving soldier, don’t forget to join my convoy!”
Li Liancheng nodded affirmatively to Liu Juren and Xie An. He hesitated for a moment, and then saluted them fiercely. Then he led the more than 20 people into the checkpoint passage. B