“Fortunately, only the lung was punctured.” Hull said calmly.
He gently put his wet palm against the man’s forehead, and a dim green light came out from his palm. The green light had strong penetrating power. In the blink of an eye, the wounded man lying on the ground was covered with green all over his body. Light.
After a while, Hel pulled his palm away, but the green light did not disappear immediately and still enveloped the man.
/“I stopped his breathing, slowed his heartbeat, and his body would gradually cool down, but it wouldn’t become rigor mortis like a corpse.
“If a person is shot in the lung, he can stay in suspended animation for forty-eight hours, maybe even longer, it depends on whether his vitality is strong enough.
“You’d better have one person watching him specifically. If his body starts to stiffen, it means he is going to die. If not! There is still a glimmer of hope.” Turning his body around, Hel looked at the man sitting against the wall. The man said, “Let me see your wounds.”
The man shook his head and refused Hull’s help: “I have to stay awake.”
Of course Hull knew that when he said this, he actually didn’t believe the three people on his side. There was no way to explain this kind of thing. In fact, even if he explained it, he couldn’t explain it clearly.
At this moment, there was a burst of noisy footsteps coming from nowhere, followed by another burst of barking. Hull knew that there must be a receiver here that could hear the sounds outside.
Sure enough, the police would come with hunting dogs to search, and Hull was secretly grateful that the drop of blood alerted him to this.
In the secret room, everyone held their breath, no one dared to make a sound, and Hull even cast a series of enhancement magic on the people here. Especially Maz, because he is a hidden arrow hunter, Hel gave him several magic spells that are very helpful for long-range attacks.
After doing all this, Hull remembered that they only had one gun in their hands, and it was in the hands of a person who refused to trust them.
On the ground, a team of policemen were searching around with a long baton with an iron top in one hand and a gun in the other. The baton was being struck here and there, while several hunting dogs were scurrying around at their feet.
“Search for me, search carefully, don’t miss any place! It should be in this neighborhood. Someone saw at least seven rioters running this way. Everyone opened their eyes and searched carefully! There is an order from above, as long as If you catch one, your bonus will be doubled this month!” a fat policeman in the lead shouted.
“Captain, we’ve already searched so carefully. We shouldn’t have missed anything. Let’s search the house below.” A police officer came over and pointed to a nearby house and asked.
/“Search me again. I know you think there is no money and water here. It’s not like those private houses where you can easily plunder sheep. But don’t forget, what is the real business? Don’t los