(Okay! The remaining end)
Wang Jun was pleasantly surprised. The scene when he had sucked the blood of the elves suddenly flashed through his mind. At that time, he felt that his body seemed to be collapsing. However, after that, he only became seriously ill and did not actually collapse. Maybe he could rely on the blood of these alien races to become stronger?
Wang Jun only flashed the word vampire in his mind. When he stood up and was about to look at the remaining ogre, he suddenly saw a black shadow coming towards him. It turned out to be the last ogre. She had already run in front of him, and without giving him any time to react, the huge wooden stick had already reached the top of his head. In the next second, he would be hammered into a pulp.
(It’s over. Is it really over? I’m going to die now? But that city, that fortress, that possible place of hope)
At this moment, Wang Jun’s mind only flashed through clean and tidy neighborhoods and the people walking on these streets. They smiled peacefully. There were no aliens or monsters.
Suddenly there was an explosion!
Wang Jun saw that the head of the ogre in front of him suddenly exploded violently. No matter how much fighting spirit he tried to stop, it was useless. Then, before the wooden stick hit him, it suddenly softened in front of him, and then fell. Like a huge metal iron ball, it shook his whole body.
This is gunfire! Yes, this is the sound of equipment sniper rifle!
He stood like this for more than ten seconds before a voice from the distance said: “I know you are a human being. Apart from you, your group of people are all under my sight. I have been observing you for a long time. Wait a moment, we will come out to meet you.”
As he finished speaking, there was a rustling sound in the distance, and not long after, more than thirty people were seen running towards this side.
The leader was wearing a camouflage uniform. He was a cold and handsome young man about 27 or 28 years old. This group of people was led by this young man, and the rest were men and women. They all looked at them in amazement. Wang Jun and the rest of the people stood up in the bushes in the distance.
Even now, Wang Jun remains motionless. Firstly, he is experiencing unimaginable super pain. Secondly, he is afraid that the man with the gun will think that he is a monster dressed up or something, and will kill him with one shot. If that is the case. , then he was really unjustly accused to death.
/But what he didn’t expect was that the cold and handsome young man in camouflage uniform walked directly to him and said: “My name is Leng Ji