“As men, we should never be afraid of fighting! Even if this battle brings us complete death!”
Gong Yeyu clenched the Purple Thunder Sword with both hands. At this moment, his domineering spirit burst out again. I am truly respected by thousands of heroes! At this moment, Pei Jiao found that he could only look up!
/“Let’s go, it’s our fight now!”
A distance of more than twenty kilometers
If walking, it is naturally a few hours’ journey for ordinary people, but these more than twenty kilometers are not that far away for the five people present. If they burn the standard energy in their bodies, the speed of the five people will be It can reach speeds of more than 60 kilometers per hour, or even faster, so it only takes more than ten minutes to get to the center of the battlefield from where everyone is standing.
During this ten-minute journey, everyone ran forward in silence. No one had the desire to speak. This feeling is really indescribable. Except for Gong Yeyu, who still looked so high-spirited, the rest of the people were unavoidable. There is a sense of desolation, as if I am about to die.
“Are you scared?”
Gong Yeyu’s voice suddenly came over, and everyone was involuntarily stunned. They all looked towards Gong Yeyu, but they found that Gong Yeyu didn’t look back at all. He just said to the others indifferently: “No, it’s not that you are afraid. I actually know this emotion, it should be a kind of confusion, right? Confusion about the way forward, about the battle, about life and death, right? ”
Gong Yeyu suddenly raised his head and laughed. His laughter was so heroic that there was no trace of worry or hesitation at all. It was as if he was just going to play a game or watch a show. After the laughter, he said : “I have also experienced what you are feeling now, that is, facing a fatal battle, although I have already put life and death aside in my heart, and I am no longer afraid of death, but when the battle really begins, I feel so confused. Still can’t help but flood my heart, hahaha.”
“This is your mental fog!”
/Gong Yeyu suddenly shouted loudly, his voice was like a loud bell, and his words were like true words. He shouted: “If your original heart is thorough, you will understand your heart and see your nature, and then you will know the true meaning of your original heart. Only in this way can you find your true meaning.” Only by following the cause can you realize your own cause! This fog is the most important obstacle that you must break through! Could it be that those of us who have reached the true demon level have forcibly passed through it? This is the fog of the soul! The same is true for life. , so is death, so is desire, so is happiness, so is sadness, and even the thought of wanting to pass and become a true demon-level powerhouse is also true!”
“When will you be able to pass through this mental fog! When will you be able to becom