The God of War did not want to come to see the ‘Mother Queen’, because the transaction with the ‘Mother Queen’ caused him to lose a lot. The most important thing is that he lost so many things, and Lord Arthur was still not caught.
/“God of War, when will the deal between us be completed?” the ‘Mother Queen’ asked directly without going around in circles.
“The deal between us is over. I can’t fulfill your request!” the God of War replied in a deep voice.
The ‘Mother Queen’ looked at the God of War. Although it was not in the same world as the God of War, it also had some understanding of the God of War’s behavior.
/The God of War is not the kind of God who keeps his word. Although there is no guarantee for the deal reached by the two parties, as long as it is possible for the God of War to complete it, then the God of War will try his best to complete it.
“I want to know the reason?” ‘Mother Queen’ asked.
The ‘Mother Queen’ could not understand how the God of War could not complete such a business in exchange for a ‘World Crystal’ for Lord Arthur.
You must know that to obtain a ‘World Crystal’, sometimes it takes ten thousand years to obtain one, but as long as you capture a human being, you can exchange it at any time. This kind of transaction is extremely cost-effective.
“Lord Arthur is a demigod, and he also has some god-level helpers!” At this point, the God of War stopped, and he suddenly didn’t want to say any more.
Because among Lord Arthur’s helpers, there are two Zerg god-level beings, how could this kind of information be leaked to the ‘Mother Queen’ at will.
Don’t look at the peaceful conversation between the God of War and the ‘Mother Queen’ here. If both parties are here in their true form, then the only possibility is a life-and-death battle between the gods.
If Lord Arthur is an opponent, then the ‘Mother Queen’ is the real enemy.
The God of War thought that Lord Arthur must have some arrangements in the Zerg world, otherwise it would be impossible for two Zerg gods to be willing to take action. The ‘Mother Queen’ does not know all this, which can only mean that the ‘Mother Queen’ has been manipulated by Lord Arthur. Calculate.
The God of War wants to see what Lord Arthur wants to do in the Zerg world.
“I want to talk to Lord Arthur. Please give this to Lord Arthur so that I can talk to him. This is my thank you gift!” ‘Mother Queen’ threw a slender beard-like object, and then threw it He said giving one hundred ‘divine power crystals’ to the God of War.
The ‘Mother Queen’ has convinced the God of War. The God of War first reneged on the deal. Then the ‘Mother Queen’ made another transaction request. If the God of War disagrees, it will be unjustifiable.
The God of War frowned and looked at the long beard in his hand, and found that it was half a long beard.
He could feel it when he took it in his hand.