In Tanan’s hand, he also holds a long sword of red burning flames and a long sword of snow-white frost covered with ice. Holding both swords, he is as powerful as a god of war. It was terrifying, and as soon as Pei Jiao stepped in front of him, Tanan roared at the same time. When the roar formed a sonic boom and spread to all directions, the two swords in his hands were already staggered and slashing at Pei Jiao at the same time.
But unexpectedly, the phantom of Buzhou Mountain that had been above Pei Jiao’s head suddenly trembled, and a black-yellow air flow rushed down. In just one rush, the two swords of fire and ice were scattered, and The next second, Pei Jiao directly covered Tanan’s face with one hand, and lifted the mighty God of War up with one hand like a chicken.
“No, it’s impossible! The light of the soul? How can you have the light of the soul? You just sublimated to the Holy Soul and immediately reached the intermediate level of the Holy Soul?” Tanan roared incredibly loudly, and at the same time he also felt something With a deep chill that penetrated his bones, he felt as if he was going to die immediately. He started struggling crazily, stabbing Pei Jiao desperately with both swords in his hands, and at the same time, he read out his two real names aloud.
“Your true name! Doomsday Blade!”
/“Your true name! Sword of Ice!”
“Die! Doomsday Frost!”
As the two true names were spoken, both the flame sword and the ice sword erupted. Their light penetrated the sky and pierced the atmosphere, as if they turned into two laser beams, one red and one white. The extremely terrifying high temperature and extreme terror The deep cold condensed in this small square inch. As the two weapons merged and stabbed, the intertwined extreme heat and extreme cold exploded violently. The power was so powerful that it was unimaginable, as if a nuclear explosion had occurred between these two weapons. The intersection of the swords formed a general shape, and with a loud bang, they struck at Pei Jiao.
“Hmph, two civilized natural weapons? Just right, I lack two attributes: one fire and one water!”
Just before this terrifying power was about to come, Pei Jiao shot out eight runes from his eyes, and at the same time spit out the Bagua runes visible to the naked eye, just like the Buddha preaching and spitting out lotus flowers. The voice that was clearly spoken actually condensed into runes.
“Lift! Spiral Li!”
“Shock! Thunder shock!”
Two of the Bagua runes surrounding Pei Jiao were one representing Li and the other representing Zhen. These two runes suddenly flashed, and then with Pei Jiao as the center, a wave of Spiral Jin emerged out of thin air. This is a Spiral Jin with the black and yellow energy generated by the phantom of Buzhou Mountain as the main body. Just when this t