Kael’thas nodded silently and shook his head silently. He was extremely silent all afternoon that day and was no longer as funny as before. However, the girls secretly blamed He Lianna, because their only hope at the moment was It was Kael’thas. Because of his protection, there were no foreign attacks that day and night. They were really afraid that Kael’thas would become angry and abandon them immediately because of Lina’s words. In that case, they would But even the slightest hope was gone.
Kael’thas suddenly smiled and pointed at the big buses and said: “Is this a means of transportation for you humans? It is said that a kind of oil called gas oil is needed. I don’t know what gas oil is, but I have people on these buses. Legendary magic is used on the vehicle. As long as you enter it and say my name, Kael’thas Dream Chaser, to the vehicle, then the bus will be able to travel along this vehicle without stopping. The road keeps going east and will continue for three days and three nights. I have also prepared a lot of drinking water and food for you in the car, so you don’t have to be afraid of the danger after I leave. After three days and three nights, you will have reached the desert. There are very few tribes living there. As long as your Holy Spirit awakens, you can continue to move towards the east.”
/“Goodbye, human friends, beautiful ladies. In fact, the source of the dispute between us tribes and you humans is just to survive. I think I can definitely find a way to resolve our conflicts without fighting. My That dream will definitely come true, and I hope the sun will shine brightly when we meet again.”
Kael’thas smiled and said to the more than two hundred women present. When he finished speaking, he had turned into a red flame and fled far away. Many girls present even cried softly.
In fact, Kael’thas didn’t go far. He just hid beside a big tree and kept silently guarding him until all the human women got on the bus. Then, driven by legendary magic, he drove away along the road. After moving towards the east, he sighed and emerged from the big tree. Only then did several Holy Spirits and a senior Holy Spirit suddenly stand respectfully behind him.
/The senior Holy Spirit lowered his head slightly and said respectfully: “Prince Kael’thas, Lord Staghelm has awakened, and he hopes to see you immediately.”
Kael’thas smiled bitterly and said: “What