Only Leng Jian and Saru silently discussed all this in private
/“Nonsense, if we had discussed with them in advance, then at least 70% of them would choose to stay. Then with Wang Jun’s character of being reluctant to leave a person, he would definitely be hesitant, and in the end he might not even be able to leave at all. “Leng Jian said with a sneer.
Saru also nodded in agreement: “Yes, if we directly say that we must go to the human city, and those who don’t want to go will stay, then those who don’t want to go will have to think carefully and lose our asylum, and they I don’t know how many people are willing to stay, especially the super state initiators and the vindictive bursters have been transferred away by us in advance. So how can these ordinary people dare to stay alone? They are just following the trend. Just go together”
/No matter what, while Wang Jun was puzzled and filled with joy, the expeditionary force drove off from the Elf Castle, with more than 270 vehicles of various types, including cars, sports cars, and vans. Cars, and even a few large buses, packed with nearly two thousand people, took all the fuel they could find, and began to move forward along the highway, heading north towards the human city!
At the same time, in the desert area in the far west of the Middle East, a huge aerial battleship was flying in the mid-air in a trembling manner, and the people on this battleship all showed an expression of resignation, and even Even one of the giant lizards had such an expression, because they didn’t know when the battleship would fall again. At least before it flew this time, it had fallen a dozen times during the repair process. Too many.
“But, Yang Dingtian, are you really sure that you want to continue practicing again? Although the battleship is now pitifully slow, we will reach the Beijing area in Asia in two days at most. Can you still fight at that time?” Nuo Wei Tailonger leaned against the door of the bridge and asked loudly to someone outside.
This man’s whole body was twisting and swaying, and it was obvious that his soul obsession was in violent shock, but this man still held a long gun firmly, and pointed at the sky beyond the wide open bridge in front of him. Hitting and waving.
This person turned around and turned out to be Yang Dingtian! Yang Dingtian just returned from Babel Tower!
Yang Dingtian’s whole body was shaken by obsession, and he trembled when he spoke: “That’s right! My body still remembers those two moves and the power of those two moves. If I don’t recall them while I still remember them, Come over and at least master its outline, then I will forever lose the opportunity to learn these two moves. I want to become strong enough to help my partners, strong enough to