Pei Jiao raised his eyes and looked at the Fire Phoenix in the distance, but he ignored it and still said slowly: “Do you know why the Human Emperor is called the Palm of the Four Elephants, Five Elements and Bagua? Because anyone who is in the Four Elephants, Five Elements and Bagua As long as the Human Emperor has seen all his moves and attributes once, then they belong to him, and the answer is this.”
As he was speaking, four huge and unparalleled swords suddenly came down horizontally. They were simple, thick, and sharp. The power cut through everything, but it only fell for a flash. The energy body in front of Loki was chopped into pieces by the four swords in an instant. The fragments were immediately turned into nothingness by the chirping of the Suzaku in the Four Symbols, and no trace of their existence could be found anymore.
Loki’s whole body was shaken. The four swords in front of him gave him a feeling of fear of killing everything, as if they were the aggregation of all the killings and murderous intentions in the world. Even with his demon body at the moment, as long as he was struck by this sword, he would be seriously injured. Otherwise, he would die or be seriously injured. At that moment, he instinctively began to retreat. At the same time, he also used the time counterflow function that he had just realized, and the whole person immediately returned to the original place.
/But it wasn’t until he turned back to where he was that he discovered that one of his arms had completely disappeared, and there was a breath of pure destruction attacking his body. With his arms upward, the soul body of his arms was visible to the naked eye. The speed collapsed.
/“Damn it, damn it! You hurt God’s body, you, you deserve death.”
Loki roared crazily. He didn’t know whether it was shock, anger, or fear. He seemed to be completely crazy. He saw thick and large energy beams pouring into him from the void, one after another. Keep copying, each one is made of energy bodies, and terrifying energy is condensed in them. Moreover, these energy bodies do not stop at all and rush towards Pei Jiao as soon as they appear. They are still rushing halfway. It has exploded like crazy.
“It’s useless. Our grades are too different. The gap can no longer be filled by the so-called infinite energy.”
When Pei Jiao finished speaking, countless energy grids suddenly appeared in his hand, and a black and white picture was condensed out of nothing. Then he threw the picture towards the countless energy bodies. In an instant, Suddenly, a golden bridge spanned the battlefield. All the energy bodies that were exploding, had exploded, or had not yet exploded were instantly annihilated under the golden bridge. The waves that had exploded also disappeared in an instant, and the entire battlefield returned to its normal state again. Amidst the clear clouds and clear wind.