The only order in this underworld is to live and become stronger. This is the world after death! This is Pei Jiao’s greatest understanding of the underworld these days.
Pei Jiao carefully pushed away the pile of rock and soil that closed his head. He leaned out from the gap under a huge rock, and then carefully looked around. Only after he saw that everything was quiet all around, did he stand under the huge rock. He stood upright under the rock, and then there was a crackling sound all over his body. His body suddenly expanded five or six times in size, about eleven or two meters, and thunder and lightning flashed all over his body, like the giant thunder god from the ancient prehistoric era. Normally, but this power only lasted for a moment. Not even a second, the giant sluggishly changed back to its original form, and once again returned to the image of Pei Jiao.
“Good guy, I suddenly lost seven or eight units of standard energy and two of my own obsessions. It seems that I can use it for about ten seconds at most. Once the time is too much, I will disappear immediately.” Pei Jiao changed back to his original state. , immediately squatted on the spot and entered a state of silence. After a while, he opened his eyes and murmured.
/Because there are dangers everywhere in this underworld. If you are not careful, you will be eaten and torn to death by those monsters. Just those four small units of lightning power can’t do anything. Pei Jiao can be considered a forbearing person. Knowing that he is at this moment He is really about the same as an ordinary person, unable to fight against countless monsters. In addition, his goal is to return to the Yang world, so he needs more strength to protect himself. Therefore, in the past four months, in addition to exploring ways to return to the Yang world, In addition to the movement patterns of those monsters, the most common thing he does is to find a crack in the ground of a giant rock, seal the entrance, and then start to meditate. After four months, his own obsession has already reached a point. Counting one hundred and forty-one, at this moment, he can obtain his own obsession after sitting in meditation for approximately ninety-five hours, which is about five percent faster than four months ago.
/But it is still too weak. Even if the lightning power of nearly five uni