“I understand. I promise you that as long as they don’t continue to stop me or threaten me, I will not attack them again.” Pei Jiao sighed, and he continued: “That promise is still valid. Cherish this promise until it is needed. Tell me when you are ready, even if you go to heaven and go to sea, I will definitely finish it for you.” After saying that, he sighed slightly again, but said no more words.
And Reina’s face immediately showed an expression of surprise. She didn’t say anything, but a strong green light appeared on her body. After a long time, when the green light disappeared, her body also trembled violently. Until then Then he said: “Yes, I feel the aura of the scimitar. There are indeed people in Paris who have come into contact with this natural weapon. Their location is on a block not far from here. Well, I’d better go with you. Well, otherwise you won’t find it there.”
Pei Jiao immediately said in surprise: “Really? I’ll excuse you, let’s go.” After saying that, he walked to Reina and hugged her, ignoring Reina’s coquettish cries, thundering at his feet. In a blink of an eye, he planned to leave.
But unexpectedly, the middle-aged official who was crawling on the ground got up tremblingly and suddenly said in a sinister voice: “You have to be more careful, don’t fall to death because of stones. Your family members should also be more careful. Maybe “These words were spoken in Chinese that was not fluent.
/With a crisp sound, Pei Jiao stepped on the middle-aged official’s thigh. In an instant, the middle-aged official howled like a slaughtered pig and struggled desperately to get out, but he Is it possible that his strength can match that of Pei Jiao? With this step, he was like a fish pinned to a board, struggling for his life.
Pei Jiao didn’t say anything. He gently put down Reina, ignoring Reina’s panicked screams and pulls. He raised the heroic spear blade in his hand and was about to drop it, but suddenly a silver spear blocked him from the side. Before the heroic gun blade was struck, there was a sound of gold and iron. The heroic gun blade and the silver spear were fighting against each other a few centimeters above the middle-aged official’s head. The middle-aged official was so frightened that he urinated and pooped out. He closed his mouth and even forgot to scream. He just stared at the blade a few centimeters above his head.
“You can’t kill him. He is the deputy prime minister of France and the heir to a well-known plutocrat in the European Union. Killing him will really cause international disputes. Gong Yeyu finally let go of the leadership of the Soul Organization. As soon as this incident came out , if he wants to stand up for you, he can only take back the leadership again, do you want to make things difficult for him?”
This spear is Yang Dingtian’s natural weapon. As soon as he heard the middle-aged official’s threat, he immediately knew that things were bad. He and Pei Jiao are the same type of people, the