The old man didn’t speak, he still closed his eyes and meditated. In front of the old man, there was a piece of paper made of unknown material and words, looming in front of it.
“That’s it, I’m leaving the prehistoric world. The future of mankind will be solved by mankind itself. The saint group, the cultivator group, their conflicts, and the white-skinned and dark-skinned ethnic minorities, their limits of tolerance It’s probably coming soon, and maybe they will be the ones to mess up everything in front of us, the future of mankind.”
The young man suddenly stood up. With a wave of his hand, a crack in the void was torn open by him, and he slowly walked towards the crack.
“I’m tired. This kind of involuntary responsibility has brought me to the limit. But I will come back. When the ‘world’ comes, I will return. At that time, I will question him about the incarnation of the inner universe. What am I?”
The moment Pei Jiao set up the Four Elephants and Five Elements Bagua Formation, he was slightly absent-minded, as if he had once again experienced the memory of Fuxi. But this time, fortunately, he recovered in the shortest time. From the eyes of others, he was nothing but It was just a brief pause.
/At the same time, on the entire battlefield, countless grids similar to electronic circuits covered the battlefield.
At the top, eight huge runes kept rotating, sometimes combining into various equations, and sometimes spreading out in all directions. In the middle, four divine beasts kept roaring, Suzaku, Qinglong, Xuanwu, and White Tiger, representing The mythical beasts in the four directions are about hundreds of meters in size. Below them, there are five colored brilliance in various shapes, lotus, fire cloud, mountains, breeze, golden light, each surging, and it feels like reenacting the geomantic wind, water and fire.
“What is this? Ant, are you going to use such a useless thing to deal with me?” Loki looked around the battlefield. There were dozens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers covered with these network lines. Ge, he immediately frowned and said to Pei Jiao.
While speaking, Loki’s copied energy body punched Pei Jiao from afar. In an instant, ripples appeared in the space, as if the surrounding space had turned into liquid.
/Unexpectedly, this blow with the help of space veins, but just after it was st