“How could the numbers this time be on the ground?” Zhang Heng was the first to find these two sets of numbers. He murmured strangely to himself while calling the others over.
Pei Jiao and the other three looked at each other in surprise. They all saw confusion and confusion in each other’s eyes, but the three of them didn’t say anything, they just looked at Valkyrie with such eyes.
Who knew that such a look did not make Valkyrie angry, but it made Stana, who had been following her, angry. The little girl jumped in front of Valkyrie like a cat. She almost said with her teeth and claws: “Why are you looking at Sister Valkyrie like that! She is amazing. Many times our team was in danger and it was only through her that we could escape. And you were all saved by Sister Valkyrie! It’s so abominable. , so rude!”
The three of them, Pei Jiao, suddenly felt a little embarrassed. In fact, it was not the three of them who were targeting Valkyrie, but the fear that naturally arises when people with high IQs fail completely in terms of IQ. Of course, in this situation Naturally, it is impossible to say famous words, because it would appear that the three of them are too stingy, especially Pei Jiao. As a true demon-level powerhouse, such behavior really shows that he has no courage.
However, Valkyrie patted the little girl Stana’s head gently and knocked back her next words. Then Valkyrie continued: “Let’s go, at least ten more verifications are needed. Then I should be able to confirm whether my guess is correct.”
Naturally, it is impossible for Pei Jiao and the other three to say or do anything again. Except for Yang Dingtian, who was slightly aware of it, most of the others were unaware of the situation between the three of them and Valkyrie, so they did not react after hearing this. Feeling that something was wrong, they all followed Valkyrie and headed towards the passage she took.
/In this way, everyone spent the whole night walking like this, arriving, starting to look for numbers again, starting to walk again, and spending time between arrival. After all, they are all souls. As long as the standard energy is not exhausted, they usually don’t sleep for more than ten days. It has nothing to do with it, and now Meng Neodymium’s physical fitness has also been greatly improved. She is almost unaware of staying up all night, so before she knows it, everyone has walked all night.
Valkyrie still looked calm and relaxed. She looked at the numbers in the room. These two sets of numbers were carved next to an aisle. They were completely different from the numbers on the ceiling or the floor. They seemed to indicate this. The passage is the same as the passage they have walked through before.
Valkyrie shook her head silently and began to draw circles on the ground again. Pei Jiao and the other thre