The entire Easter Island Central Building is extremely large. The ground height may not be exaggerated, but its internal area is as large as several football fields, and the underground area is even larger. In this hall alone, there are There are dozens of corridors, and I don’t know where they all lead. After twenty or thirty groups of free souls fled in all directions, almost every corridor is not repeated. Just looking at this complex terrain, it looks like a maze.
When Yang Dingtian and other four people ran into this aisle, there were at least more than a hundred ghosts following them. Fortunately, the strength of these four people had not yet reached the true demon level, so the three true devil level ghosts did not come. They pestered them, so as long as these more than a hundred ghosts were dealt with, the four of them were temporarily safe.
While running, Yang Xuguang shouted anxiously to Yang Dingtian: “Yang Dingtian, can you add an obsession outer layer to our weapons when you run? If you have that thing, it will be very easy to kill these ghosts.”
/Yang Dingtian shook his head and said: “Impossible! Obsession is very unstable after it melts. It will explode if there is any violent turmoil. Unless you want the four of us to die in the explosion of obsession first, I will advise you to give up this idea. .”
Yang Xuguang sighed, but then he said excitedly: “Hurry, hurry up and melt the food of obsession in you, hurry up!”
Yang Dingtian was slightly stunned, but he was not a fool. He immediately knew what Yang Xuguang meant. Without saying much, he took out a pack of Obsession cigarettes from his pocket, and then took out the pack of Obsession cigarettes. It turned into a ball of silver-white liquid in his hand. However, because of the rapid running, the silver-white liquid began to boil as soon as it appeared, and the boiling amplitude was getting bigger and bigger. Yang Dingtian did not dare to neglect it. He turned around suddenly and threw the silver-white liquid out, and it happened to hit the beast-shaped ghost that rushed forward. The ghost roared loudly when it was thrown, as if it was rushing not far away. Yang Dingtian demonstrated like a demonstrator, but just halfway through the roar, the silver liquid exploded violently. Its power was even more powerful than high-explosive bombs. After all, this time Yang Dingtian took a whole pack of cigarettes and melted them. Its power was Of course it goes without saying.
Violent explosion waves came, not only causing the corridor behind the four people to collapse, but also the four people were blown far away by the shock wave. Among them, Zhang Heng was the worst, one face hit the wall, and the whole perso