While everyone was building this mechanical instrument, Pei Jiao asked strangely to Rocky, who had been sketching the Blood Sacrifice Array next to him. One-third of the entire central square had become the area of ??the array, enough for tens of thousands of people to stand inside. , and the appearance of the entire array has been basically completed, but I don’t know what Rocky is still busy with now.
Rocky replied without raising his head: “It should have been completed a long time ago, but for the sake of the remaining half of the insiders, this formation diagram still needs to be modified. You can ask Xue Na for the rest. She told me to do it. Modified.”
Pei Jiao was startled. He quickly looked at Xue Na, and Xue Na looked back at him with a charming smile. The little girl said with a smile: “Because of the time, there are If the lie detector test I provide exists, it will never be able to identify everyone in the city in one day. Therefore, the remaining half or more of the people and the insiders will know that there is a lie detector test. Under these circumstances, the most likely thing for them is to commit suicide near twelve o’clock. In that case, the soul can directly enter the subspace. Although they do not know what is in the subspace, or it may be instantly annihilated. It is a more terrifying torture, but life has an instinct to escape danger. Since they are sure to be identified, their only possibility is to block their luck, or enter the subspace to survive. Or can you die?”
/“In this case, there will definitely be a lot of people committing suicide tonight, and these people are all insiders. They tried to escape into the subspace, but they couldn’t. Brother Odin said that these people must be punished. Moreover, blood sacrifice also requires sufficient ‘fuel’, so let’s change part of the content of the blood sacrifice and use the ‘Gaia’ power obtained from the blood sacrifice to temporarily block the subspace passage in this city. In this way, these people Even if you commit suicide, you still can’t escape into the subspace, so tomorrow you won’t have to distinguish and sift anything, just go and find these souls.”
/After Xue Na said this with a smile, she lowered her head and began to carve something on the ground. Looking at it, it seemed that she was designing some new instruments and props.
(It’s very good, even these things have been thought of. Although Yang Xuguang and I have thought of these before, we also planned to ask her when the blood sacrifice began, if there is a way to shield the soul-sucking power of the subspace, but unexpectedly She’s done it without saying a word, so nice to have her as a companion.)
Pei Jiao nodded with satisfaction. Just when he was about to continue assembling the instrument in front of him, he saw Yang Dingtian and Zhang Heng walking over from a distance. This was nothing, but they came back a little late, but What surprised Pei Jiao and others was that Zhang Heng actually held a girl’s hand and walked forward