After taking a look at everyone’s expressions and looking to the north, Viscount Sith slowly stood up and said with a smile:
“Viscount Hudson’s arrangement is very reasonable. As long as the iron production in the Mountain Territory increases, everyone’s material crisis will be solved.
Even if you are short, you can still borrow money! Our heroic Viscount Hudson is not a stingy person.
However, everyone is engaged in production, and military training must not be neglected. All previous orc invasions would end in bloodshed.
The little tricks are not popular and have no real effect, but they can disgust people. Had it not been for his self-cultivation, Hudson would have wanted to expel people directly.
Especially hearing the word “loan” almost choked Hudson to death. There are still a lot of bad debts out there that cannot be recovered. If we continue to add new debts, the Mountain Territory will be dragged down.
If it weren’t for the misappropriation of swamp project development funds, the mountainous territory’s finances would have gone bankrupt long ago. The misappropriated funds must eventually be returned.
At the very least, it cannot affect the development of the swamp project. Otherwise, if Bear Stearns discovered the problem, his credibility would be ruined.
You must never do anything like fishing while draining the lake.
There is no borrowing money, and there is no borrowing materials. Including the wages of hired labor, they are all paid for with iron products that have not yet been smelted.
/Not only did these have to be paid for with iron products, but even the supplies collected from a group of nobles, Hudson was prepared to withhold part of them for his own use, and then use the iron products to fill the holes.
Despite how much these nobles cry about poverty, they actually still have some wealth. It may not be able to bear the pressure of providing money and food for a long time, but it will definitely not go bankrupt in a short time.
Everyone knows the simple truth of hoarding food in troubled times. If you don’t force it, you will never know how much these nobles really have.
Experienced nobles will save a sum of money and grain every year as emergency funds. These are family heritage. As long as there are no prodigal sons in the family, the accumulation of ancestors will be enough to tide over the difficulties.
Except for those families that suffered heavy losses in the Skull and Bones rebellion, other local nobles can seek help from their families.
Increasing training time is even more nonsense. Military training is very physically demanding, and it is impossible to meet the demand without eating meat.
If they changed it to one exercise every three days according to Sith’s suggestion, the food expenses would almost consume their wages. Then wouldn’t the noble men’s work be in vain?
It was unanimously rejected by everyone without the need for Hudson to speak. One exercise every ten days is enough to en