At this moment, the six people, led by Rocky, relied on the gravity of his dark aura field to tear up the floor of the building and dive deeper and deeper. Starting from the first floor underground, the entire ground was actually made of extremely thick material. It is composed of super electromagnetic alloy steel plates. Even with gravity overpressure and the continuous bombardment of six people’s natural weapons, its diving speed is still very slow, and it can only pass through the next level every thirty seconds or so.
/The six people dived down to about ten floors, about fifty meters above the ground, when one of the young men suddenly asked: “Chief, why are you sure that the Oberis Titan Soldier will be on Easter Island? ? And why is the World Serpent Yolmgunter also called the Sky Dragon of Osiris?”
Rocky was silent for a moment, and then said: “It was during an adventure many years ago that I learned about these government secrets. At that time, they thought I was dead, otherwise I would have been killed long before I became a true demon. They are denying it. According to the anecdotes I know, the civilization of Atlandis also encountered the same manifestations of ghosts as the earth. It’s just that the civilization of Atlandis was more technologically advanced than the current human civilization. I don’t know. Thousands of times more likely, they were not life on earth, but refugees who migrated to earth from a distant place. After encountering the manifestation of ghosts, they tried their best to capture the three strongest demon king-level peaks at that time. The ghosts are the world serpent Yolmgunter, the ancestor of giants Ymir, and the immortal firebird Fenis. According to the naming habits of their planets, they call them Osiris Sky Dragon and Oberis Titan respectively. Soldiers, Sun God Winged Dragon, except for Sky Dragon which was not obtained by the government due to an accident, Giant God Soldier and Winged Dragon are now in the hands of the government.”
/At this point, Rocky had a ferocious look on his face. He sneered and said: “Thanks to the accident that year, I can clearly see the true nature of these government pigs. They are all profit-seeking beasts. In their eyes, , life is nothing, but it comes to an end today, our long-cherished wish and our efforts will finally be rewarded today!”
Although they were talking, the six people’s descent did not slow down at all. On the contrary, because of some unexplainable annoyance, they descended faster and faster. After a while, they descended to a hundred meters underground. , and at the same time, two other aura fields came from above the head, namely Freedom and Pride, two true demon-level powerhou