When the young man heard this, his eyes looked sad: “My dad is sick.”
The girl’s expression also became sad, but she still politely invited Lin Yuan in: “Dad is lying inside. He knows that you came to see him, so he should be very happy. During this time, he likes to talk about you with us.”
With a sudden thought, Lin Yuan put down the fruit and entered a room.
inside the room.
Wei Shujing was lying on the bed, obviously not feeling well, his face was slightly pale, and there was a thin oxygen tube inserted into the tip of his nose.
Seeing Lin Yuan, the old man smiled:
“You came.”
“Teacher Wei, your body”
Lin Yuan looked worried. He didn’t expect that the other party looked so seriously ill. The old man who was healthy last time he saw him was now in need of an oxygen tube.
“As people get older, they have to go.”
The old man had a good attitude. Although he had an oxygen tube inserted, he had a smile on his face. He seemed very happy to see Lin Yuan visiting.
The daughter was unhappy: “Dad, what are you talking about? Medical technology is very advanced now!”
The young man also said in a low voice: “You can’t treat it with this mentality. Isn’t it just cancer? Let’s go to the hospital and treat it slowly in the afternoon.”
Lin Yuan sighed and didn’t ask any more questions.
Whether on Blue Star or on Earth, cancer is an insurmountable problem.
At this moment, Lin Yuan no longer thought about cooperation. He just asked the system in his heart: “Is there anything I can do to help him?”
“Sorry, host, the system cannot provide help.”
“I can do the task”
“Feel sorry.”
Lin Yuan felt heavy.
In terms of music conducting, the old man taught Lin Yuan almost everything he could.
In Lin Yuan’s heart, the other person’s status was the same as that of Yang Zhongming, and he deserved to be regarded as his teacher.
Now seeing the other party like this, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.
Wei Shujing said: “You don’t need to comfort me. I know my own health well and I’m quite old. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to hear Xiao Lin’s music in the future.”
“If you want to hear it, I can play it for you anytime.”
Lin Yuan said seriously.
The old man felt comforted: “Your heart is enough. You came here today because you have other things to do, right?”
“I have a symphony and want to collaborate with you, but I didn’t know your physical condition before.”
“I’ve let you down. I can’t help you.”
“Don’t say that, your body is the most important thing!”
Lin Yuan knows well what the body means, and he can be regarded as someone who has experienced it.
Without the system, he wouldn’t even be alive today. Unfortunately, the system can save himself but not others.
Wei Shujing sighed:
/“It’s such a pity that I can no longer conduct your symphony. I don’t even know if I can hear your new works.”
Lin Yuan said with assurance.
The old man raised hi