Jin Mu thought that the other party was referring to Lin Yuan’s student identity, as well as the two identities of Xianyu and Shadow.
Unexpectedly, Lin Yuan actually continued: “Sorry, I forgot to introduce him. You can check Chu Kuang again.”
“I also know Chu Kuang”
Jin Mu didn’t check it, but subconsciously replied.
Then, as if he realized something, he suddenly stared at Lin Yuan in shock: “Are you kidding?”
Lin Yuan said: “You may have guessed that Chu Kuang is also me.”
There was another moment of silence, and Kaneki suddenly said: “Can I have a drink of water?”
“Whatever.” Lin Yuan said.
The man picked up the disposable cup, poured a glass of water, drank a ton, and then concluded:
“So in addition to your superficial identity as a student, you also have three identities, namely the famous writer Chu Kuang, the famous musician Xianyu and the famous cartoonist, Shadow?”
The other party’s reaction was calmer than Lin Yuan expected. Lin Yuan thought it was very good. He was someone who had experienced big scenes.
“Then I will be the manager of three people in the future?” Jin Mu said with some difficulty.
“All right.”
Kaneki showed a complicated smile: “I originally wanted to find a lighter job, but this is not bad.”
Lin Yuan said: “What is your ideal salary?”
Jin Mu hesitated for a moment and then said with a smile: “Ten thousand yuan a month is still working for three people. If you think I’m doing well, I hope you can give me more in the future.”
/Lin Yuan agreed: “That’s it for now, and we’ll talk about the work details later.”
Kaneki pinched his thigh calmly.
Kaneki is older.
Calling her uncle is not too much.
Kaneki said: “I looked at the account situation and Assistant Luo handled it well, so I think Shadow’s tribe account can continue to be handled by Assistant Luo. As for the animation adaptation of “Net King”, I will be responsible for contacting several companies. .”
“May I?”
Luo Wei looked at Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan nodded. This kind of basic vest management does not require Jinmu to worry about. Jinmu mainly helps Lin Yuan handle some things that are inconvenient for him to show his face. For example, the things Jinmu mentioned just now involve professionalism after all.
Luo Wei smiled.
She also wants to continue taking care of the account.
In addition, Lin Yuan also handed over all his current main interpersonal relationships to Jin Mu. Lin Yuan can let Jin Mu handle many things in the future. As long as the other party reports to him in time, Lin Yuan is relatively safe with the candidate selected by the system.
Kaneki picked up quickly.
After a few days of adapting, he was able to talk to Lin Yuan about formal work: “I did some research and found that there are eight large-scale online comic websites in Qin Qi. The current traffic is relatively average, and they can all be used as publishing platforms for the lower part of the shadow comics. But I personally recommend choosing tribal comics.”
“Then let’s