Melissa narrated slowly.
From the anxious expression, you can also detect the hint of fear on his eyebrows.
Obviously, this experience was not as easy as she said. It was most likely that he had witnessed some dangerous scene with his own eyes, which was why he was so frightened.
A giant dragon singled out two earth bears, and Hudson was not surprised. As the most powerful creature in this world, dragons have always been the ceiling of combat effectiveness.
Although the Earth Bears claim to be able to defeat dragons alone, they have a fatal flaw, that is, they cannot fly in the sky.
When creatures on earth fight with creatures in the sky, it is obvious that they will suffer. But if it’s two against one, then it’s hard to tell.
In essence, they are all top extraordinary creatures, and they all belong to the top of the food chain. Their strength depends on the development of the individual.
/Monsters of the same category and realm have different strengths. Monsters who know how to practice hard are often more powerful than lazy ones who rely purely on talent.
The ultimate growth limit of Warcraft not only depends on talent, but also depends on one’s own efforts.
This aspect is essentially the same as human beings. It’s just that the lower limit of Warcraft is very high, and it is born with extraordinary power.
“No matter if we postpone it, the Warcraft Mountains are still too dangerous for junior magicians like you.
Even with experience, I am afraid it will be difficult to gain anything. It’s better to wait until you become stronger and then go over to experience it.
The current situation is already very tense, and war may break out at any time, so there is no chance to take action.
As he spoke, Hudson realized something was wrong. It seems like I’m out on a date, why do I keep talking about these irrelevant topics?
Fortunately, arranged marriages are popular in the Aslant continent, and the emphasis is on being well-matched, and hard conditions are a hundred times more important than sweet words.
The most important thing is that there are not too many opportunities for contact between men and women. If the two families hadn’t already decided to get married, a man and a woman walking alone on campus would cause rumors.
For unmarried aristocratic men and women, gossip was a symbol of indecent private life. Once you have a bad reputation, it will be difficult to get a good marriage.
Either you lower your standards, or you marry someone who has the same bad private life. In short, there will be no good results.
“Can you tell me, what’s going on with Isabel?”
Melissa’s words brought Hudson back from his thoughts.
The news spread really fast.
As expected, those nobles were not the ones who could keep secrets. Fortunately, he restrained his desire and did not mess around.
“She’s just a beautiful singer trying to reach the sky in one go!”
Hudson replied nonchalantly.
Reason told him that it was best to throw the pot away at this time. Although he didn’t do anything, it doesn’t mean that no o