The border between the two countries stretches for thousands of miles, and the expeditionary legion is all cavalry. No matter how many soldiers and horses there are, they can’t intercept it.
If the enemy really dared to mobilize their troops, Hudson would not mind letting the defenders fight out and defeat the orc army in one fell swoop.
“Raising the enemy to respect himself” will not affect the victory of the battle. Defeating the orc army in the field will not save the life of the orc empire.
In any case, to regain the lost territory, sooner or later the orc army must be defeated. This battle is destined to be inevitable.
Hudson didn’t panic, but the orc army on the opposite side panicked. Although the five imperial courts repeatedly blocked the news, the special system of the Orc Empire determined that they could only block one loneliness.
Things that happen in the country have long been spread in the military camp through various “grapevines”.
The reduced ration quotas further confirmed the rumors. The more senior officials deny it, the more people believe the rumors.
Since it is “grapevine”, it is inevitable to use exaggeration. In the eyes of many orc soldiers, the expeditionary legion is the devil from hell.
/There is no such thing as taking the initiative to attack. They are an infantry regiment, so there is no need for infantry to chase down cavalry.
/The bewildered orc officer decisively chose to report the news to the imperial court, and the hot potato returned to the hands of the five emperors again.
At midnight, the lights in the imperial tent were still brightly lit. The five emperors held a high-level meeting. Unfortunately, no matter how much they discussed, they still could not come up with effective measures.
Now when sending troops to intercept, we not only have to consider the strength of the expeditionary legion, but also the human army on the opposite side.
“There is no need to fantasize about these unreliable assumptions now.
Hudson is the supreme commander of the Alpha Kingdom’s army. He only needs one order to mobilize the garrison in the pass.
When we send troops to encircle and annihilate the expeditionary corps, the enemy’s defenders inside the pass will definitely take action. There is no possibility of just sitting back and watching! ”
Behemoth Emperor Alex said tiredly.
I don’t know if they were blinded by the war. Now that these military generals are making suggestions, they are all beginning to have hallucinations.
It is indeed possible to sit back and watch friendly forces being surrounded and annihilated by the enemy, but that is in the Orc Empire. Because of conflicts between races and tribes, it often happens that teammates are cheated.
The Alpha Kingdom of a single race is different. Even if someone wants to cheat their teammates, they don’t dare to go too far.
After receiving the rescue order, but still sitting back and watching friendly troops being annihilated by the enemy, no matter how hard the background is, they can’t es