The soldier knocked out the captain with a casual blow and stopped the captain from shouting.
/On the other side, two soldiers also knocked out the remaining eleven crew members and threw them all into the hatch.
As the hatch was separated from the cabin, the hatch opened automatically, and at the same time, the powerful suction force sucked the twelve unconscious living people, including the captain, into space.
Part of David’s mind controlled the Shadow Warrior to fly into space. He saw twelve people’s faces quickly turning black and purple in space, and then frost formed, and the twelve souls were sucked into the Shadow Warrior.
Without Helena’s orders, several soldiers continued to search the spacecraft.
“Captain, there is a kryptonite mine!” Helena, who was talking to David, couldn’t help but feel happy when she received the report of the search for the soldiers.
“Brother, we are not unlucky this time. This spaceship is actually transporting kryptonite ore!” Helena patted David on the shoulder and said with a smile.
David certainly knew how precious kryptonite mines were. Mining kryptonite mines was very troublesome and could only be mined by human-operated machines. The intelligent system would be greatly affected by the kryptonite mines.
In addition, any krypton crystal mine is an important resource, and the mining is controlled by the major forces. Except for some abandoned and barren krypton crystal mines that the major forces look down upon, the only way to mine krypton crystal mine is in the universe. Try your luck on the resource star.
Helena, Bray, David and Furness came to the warehouse of the spaceship. The warehouse was not big, but about one hundred cubic meters of space was filled with raw kryptonite ore.
Kryptonite raw ore is an unprocessed ore. You can see part of the exposed kryptonite ore, and the rest is covered by hard rock.
Krypton crystal raw ore needs to be processed before it can be used, but one hundred cubic meters of krypton crystal raw ore here is worth at least hundreds of millions of credits.
This harvest made all the soldiers present smile. No one cares about the origin of this batch of kryptonite raw materials. Whether it was mined or robbed, once it gets into the hands of the special service team, it is impossible to spit it out.
The Titan S600 transport spacecraft used a special spacecraft tractor to drag the captured spacecraft down slowly and into the range of the Panshi 6 resource star.
“Brother, after arriving at the Rock 6 resource star, you must first adapt to gravity. The gravity of the Rock 6 resource star is only one-fifth of that of the Rock star, so you need to adjust your power control during battle!” Bray stood next to David. introduced.
David nodded. When he entered the range of the Panshi 6 resource star, he noticed the change in gravity. However, the Titan S600 transport spacecraft itself has a gravity simulation system that can automatically adapt to the external gravity and adjust.
/Therefore, except for the brief gravity change when it fi