What we really need to worry about is whether we can get what we want during the negotiation process.
Taking into account legal issues, I feel that before it is certain that the Seven Prairie Kingdoms have failed to restore their kingdom, there is no need for the kingdom to rush to expand its territory for the time being. As long as it can successfully regain its lost territory, it will be enough.
The peace talks were initiated by the orcs themselves. With our basic demands, the orcs’ top brass should be able to agree to them. ”
Earl Francis analyzed calmly.
After all, this is all about diplomacy. The little moves between the three countries in the Central Continent and the alien alliance cannot be hidden from professionals at all.
/Many times, some inadvertent little habits become the biggest flaw in the eyes of caring people.
Before the main war faction could continue to speak, Caesar IV said first: “First send someone to meet with the orc representatives in private. It would be best if we can reach an agreement. If we can’t reach an agreement, we will continue to fight!”
The right to speak in the military has been almost deprived, but the right to speak in politics and diplomacy is still in the hands of him, the king.
Just sending people to contact the orcs, not signing a treaty, just to give the king a face, and simply no longer object.
In Mainland China, after many in-depth meetings and communications between the top leaders of both sides, the two sides once again sat on the negotiating table.
What was different from the past was that the faces of the representatives from the three countries in China and Mainland China all looked terrible. It was obvious that they had been severely beaten by society in recent days.
There is no other way. Our own army is not performing well on the battlefield. When diplomats go outside, they don’t speak forcefully.
“Everyone, we meet again. I hope everyone can get what they want this time and successfully reach an armistice agreement!”
Delise said with a smile.
/It was also a bargaining exercise, but compared to the previous negotiation, the stance of the representatives from the three mainland countries was much lower.
Except for the nationwide relocation, which is really impossible to achieve, the remaining issues have become negotiable.
“Your Majesty, we have made so many concessions, so you should give in a little bit so that we can have an explanation when we go back!”
Marquis Krasner said with a sad face.
There was really no other way. After seven days of delay, the Hessian Kingdom lost another province.
The loss of troops on the front line exceeded 150,000, including three standing regiments, which were also maimed. The casualties of the poor were impossible to count.
The huge losses made the main war faction in the Hessian Kingdom collectively lose their voice. There is really no other way, the enemy is advancing faster and faster.