with Zhang Ziang, which is why he chose this forest when he was disposing of the body, and whether Fan Zhen also told him, giving such a reasonable suggestion as he suggested to me.
Thinking of this, I took a deep breath and clarified my thoughts. I felt that if I want to solve the problem now, I have to start with Sun Huling first. After all, it is the wisest choice to first figure out the mystery closest to me. He was still safe, and I needed to know what he was doing in the woods.
But when I went to the hospital late at night, Sun Huling had a fever and was a little confused. Wu Jianli had been staying in the hospital. I asked Wu Jianli what was going on, and Wu Jianli said it was because of the wound. The wound he was bitten is not that easy to treat. There is no problem with the wound, but some infectious diseases have entered his body. When I heard this sentence, I immediately thought of the plague, and then the overgrown Bai Mao’s body was found.
And just when I thought about these scenes of white hair growing on corpses, I suddenly combined the word plague with the thought just now. No, it’s not the plague, it should be said that they are two giant rats. The ones we have seen are covered with hair. Is Bai Mao’s corpse related to these two rats? After all, the source of the spores that caused such changes in the corpse has always been a mystery. And what I can know now is that the origins of these two giant rats are also mysterious. Something contagious.
When I thought of this, an idea suddenly flashed in my mind, and then I looked at Sun Huling. My eyes gradually became sharp, but I didn’t say anything. I looked at the time and it was not yet twelve o’clock in the evening, so I I asked Wu Jianli: “When you were walking with him in the woods, did you notice any different movements on his part?”
Wu Jianli thought for a moment and said, “Except for the fact that he always felt that someone was following him, there didn’t seem to be anything different about him. What other actions.”
After listening to this, I asked another question: “I’m very surprised, why did this thing attack him instead of you?”
Wu Jianli said, “Maybe it’s a coincidence.”
I shook my head and said : “I don’t believe in coincidences. You two walked in at the same time, and the attack was indeed random. But haven’t you ever thought about why he was chosen in the first place instead of you? ”
Wu Jianli’s pupils gradually narrowed and he looked at me. He said something meaningful: “No.”
After receiving his answer, I already knew what he meant, so I said: “I know. Take good care of me.” He, you inform me immediately as soon as he wakes up, I have something to ask him.”
After that I left the hospital, but I didn’t leave the hospital to go back, I went directly to Zuo Lian’s home, although I felt It’s late, but I don’t think he’s rested yet, nor can he.
/Sure enough, when he opened the door and saw me at the door, his whole body showed a surprised look, but he quickly calmed down, because from his look, I could already see that