I can’t do just that little thing well. After staying in the royal capital for so many years, he has not made any progress at all.
Now someone comes to the door with evidence, and he doesn’t even know it. Why didn’t I realize that you are such a waste?
It is not a sin to commit evil acts, but if someone catches you doing evil acts, it is a serious sin.
As a noble, you must have a bright appearance. Dark means can only be kept under the table.
Now that Baron Caillaux has been caught, even if he is not accused of colluding with the Holy See, it is still a stain on his life that cannot be washed away.
Once the quarrel breaks out, not only will Baron Caillot be finished, but the Dalton family will also be humiliated.
Facing his uncle’s reprimand, Kayo was on the verge of tears. He was obviously very careful. In order to hide his identity, he didn’t even send one of his own people to do it.
Afterwards, they sent people to silence all the unlucky people they hired. The plan was perfect, but unfortunately it still failed to prevent the incident from happening.
“Uncle, I did this very secretly. Except for these few cronies, all the other executors were silenced.
Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be exposed. Where did you get this thing? ”
Baron Caillaux asked bravely.
Even if you are going to die, you have to be an understanding person. What’s more, he can’t die this time. If he really plans to kill his relatives out of righteousness, Earl Pierce won’t bother to teach him a lesson.
Self-righteous stuff!
Things have been delivered to my door, and I still don’t know who brought them. You are really awesome.
Think about it for yourself!
If you can’t figure it out, just stay here and don’t go back.
Earl Pierce said angrily.
/He didn’t know how to complain that the nephew he had worked so hard to cultivate turned out to be such a thing.
However, the life path of a noble is not always smooth sailing. If you don’t suffer setbacks in your youth, the social beatings you will encounter in the future will only be more serious.
Almost all the children of the great nobles are sent out to practice, just to make them suffer setbacks.
Failure is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you can learn lessons and accumulate experience, the great nobles will have their own teaching fees.
Geniuses are in the minority after all, and in a system based on family bloodline, the probability of a genius being born is even lower.
/Most of them have the appearance of a middle-aged person, slowly honed through acquired education.
Including Earl Pierce himself, he also came out after experiencing countless setbacks.
But for Baron Cayo, the reality was too cruel. I am afraid of comparison in everything. If you are surrounded by players of the same level, you will not be discouraged even if you fail.
What Baron Cayo faced was obviously no ordinary player. There were so many talents gathered in Wright and Wyton counties that he had to be cautious.
After calming down, Baron Cayo reviewed the recent events in the two