“I have always supported the government’s establishment of the Kingdom’s Air Pollution Investigation Commission and the establishment of a prosecutor for the alkali industry, but I only learned today that the problem is so serious.”
“If effective measures are not taken, it may lead to tragedy in the future.” Klein tried to open his blocked nose.
It might make the entire Backlund shrouded in fog with a visual distance of no more than five meters, and the evil god might very well descend or be born in such a scene, he added silently.
Old Kohler didn’t quite understand their conversation. He cleared his phlegm-filled throat and led reporters and detectives around the guards and sneaked into a lead-white factory.
There are mainly female workers here, and they are busy without any protection, and there is obvious dust in the factory.
Looking at the “small particles” suspended and floating in the air, Klein seemed to see poison gas. The young women without masks were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.
At this moment, he seemed to have returned to Tingen, back to the process of helping Sir De Vere deal with his resentment.
He seemed to have witnessed the future of each female worker here. Some of their heads throbbed, some had blurred vision, some became hysterical, and some had blue lines on their gums. In the end, they might become Become blind or die soon.
/This is like a large-scale bloody sacrifice ceremony, but the target is the flashing money symbol. If cult organizations such as the Aurora Society and the Rose School can make good use of similar things, just like Lanerwus did, Klein will have a big problem. Cover your mouth and nose and stare quietly.
/Mike Joseph whispered in shock and anger:
“How could this be?”
“How could they do this”
“Lead poisoning has been discussed in various newspapers and magazines some time ago, but they didn’t even take any precautions.”
“I can’t even part with a mask.”
“These factory owners are committing murder”
He is really a reporter with a sense of justice. Although he is not too young, his style is stingy, and his acting skills are quite good, he still retains his original intention. However, how could he know so much about lead poisoning? I have forgotten it. I have Sir De Vere widely publicized the dangers of lead poisoning in various newspapers and magazines. It seems that he has done a good job, but to some people, it is nothing if one or two lower-class untouchables die. There are many people waiting for job opportunities. Ryan thought with a heavy heart.
As a senior reporter, Mike did not lose his mind. After quietly observing and questioning several workers who were changing shifts, Mike left the lead white factory.
Subsequently, they entered one factory after another, and were put off by the dirty environment and the high-intensity labor of the people.
Near noon, Klein suddenly noticed that many people, mainly women, had gathered outside a factory in front of him. They were shouting something excitedl