Therefore, she could not help but want to come here once, put a bouquet of flowers in front of Mrs. Anlisa’s tombstone, and say thank you.
It was already early winter, and most of the flowers had long since withered, but Forsi still bought a handful of elegant flowers.
These are flowers grown in glass greenhouses and are quite expensive.
Forsi thanked Emperor Russell for his invention and said sincerely in his heart.
As far as she knew, most of the flowers used by the nobles at their winter banquets came from glass greenhouses, and a small amount were sent directly by airship from warm areas in the south. This was beyond what the average middle class could afford.
Standing in front of the black tombstone, Forsi took a deep look at the photo belonging to Mrs. Anlisa, bent down, put down the flowers, and said softly:
She immediately stood up straight, closed her eyes, and quietly recalled the past.
At this moment, she heard a slightly older voice:
“You are such a kind and well-meaning lady.”
Forsi opened his eyes and turned his head, and found that Mr. Lawrence from the Abraham family had also appeared here at some point, also holding a bouquet of elegant flowers in his hand.
“No, this is not kindness or kindness. Mrs. Anlisa once brought me an unforgettable and warm time after losing my mother.” Forsi said sincerely.
Her eyes suddenly became moist.
Lawrence only had some wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. As he put down the flowers, he sighed:
“It shows that you value friendship.”
After chatting for a while, Forsi was about to leave, but Lawrence was waving when he suddenly started coughing violently.
Cough cough cough
He coughed so hard that his legs became weak and he fell to the ground, as if he would suffocate and die at any time.
/As a doctor who graduated from a regular college, Forsi turned back without hesitation, squatted down, and started first aid.
After a lot of work, Lawrence’s condition finally stabilized. He wiped the saliva from his mouth and said to Forsi with a smile:
“Ma’am, can you take me back to the hotel?”
“No problem.” Forsi helped the other person stand up.
Lawrence looked forward, his eyes slightly out of focus. He coughed lightly and smiled half sadly and half self-deprecatingly:
“My life may have come to an end”
West End, Hotel Carpensa. \
Forsi helped Lawrence into his room and let him lie down on the bed.
This is a relatively luxurious hotel. Except for the bathroom, every place is covered with thick and soft gray-yellow carpets, and imitations of famous oil paintings are hung on the walls.
Lawrence took a breath and said:
“Thank you, Miss Wall, and please forgive a dying man for not being able to salute.”
“No, Mr. Lawrence, your problem has been alleviated. As a former practicing doctor, I can tell you without a doubt that you can still survive. After you take a rest, we will go to the clinic or hospital.” Buddha Ersi comforted the other party.
Lawrence smiled and said, “I kno