looked at it and said nothing.
I couldn’t help but asked him quietly: “What’s wrong with Wang Zhexuan? He has been acting weird and abnormal since he went up the mountain?”
Fan Zhen said lightly: “This is just an indication. His thoughts are scattered and then concentrated. It will be a short-term manifestation after that, and it will get better soon.”
I said: “Indications of scattered and re-aggregated thoughts?”
Fan Zhen nodded and said, “It’s like you originally had an independent mind, but suddenly it separated. , and then they have to be aggregated together. In the process of aggregation, it is like disrupting and reorganizing the original order. Although the truth is more complicated than this, it is roughly the same. When the reorganization is completed, he and you There is no difference between the person I usually know.”
Although I still can’t fully understand it, it is obvious that Fan Zhen has finished his answer. All I wonder is why he is like this. Is it because of Wang Zhexuan No. 2?
Fan Zhen said to me: “Didn’t you say that they are the same person?”
Faced with Fan Zhen’s words, I was basically certain that this was the case, especially what Wang Zhexuan said when he fell into the ground – -My time has come. I always have a bad feeling, and I always feel that his sudden disappearance is related to the sound coming from the bottom of the well.
From now on, Fan Zhen was unwilling to say any more, obviously he knew something. But he didn’t know much, so he didn’t tell me any more information.
Wang Zhexuan returned to normal after more than an hour. There was no obvious change after his recovery. But as usual, he was very clear about the whole process. He knew where he went and what he did. When I asked him if there was anything unusual, he looked at me in surprise, so I didn’t ask any more questions.
After he returned to normal, Fan Zhen urged us to go to the village. Before leaving, Fan Zhen said to me: “I know you have a lot of doubts, but I can’t tell you yet. Some things need to be confirmed by yourself, because every day Everyone sees things differently, especially you. If you really want to know what this is all about. Tomorrow you can go to the place where you went tonight and you will find something.” He
left the hut and came back. After the village. The sun has also come out. The beginning of a new day seemed to indicate that there was nothing different here, but I was the only one who had a very strange feeling about the whole village, because the thought of an identical village that had been destroyed, and then an identical one appeared here. Yes, this is obviously trying to hide something. What secrets does this identically copied village want to hide? Why was the village we dug destroyed? What secrets does that well have? Why did the six-six sound come out? What does the sound of a bell have to do with Wang Zhexuan Er?
/These questions were swirling in my mind one by one, and I couldn’t figure out the answer at all.
/So later I went to the well at the entrance of the