Should he continue to exchange magic with Melissa, or talk about magic pets? The problem is that his knowledge in these areas is all a novice!
Although Hudson also has a magic pet, Bear Stearns is obviously not a serious bear and is completely unrepresentative.
If he followed his trick of tricking a cub to find a magic pet, he would most likely feed it to a monster. Hudson just wanted to find something to talk about, but he wasn’t planning on tricking anyone to death.
“Who can say for sure about luck? Miss Melissa, you are so beautiful, maybe someday a monster will come to your door.
As the owner, I just treated him to a big meal and we became friends. It was this chance encounter that made it enter into a partnership contract with me. ”
Hudson said pretending to be helpless.
He didn’t want to show off, but if he said that magical deception method, it would really damage his great influence as Baron Hudson.
Simply concealing it in good faith will be beneficial to everyone. Bear Stearns, as the bear involved, did not want the matter to leak out.
After all, that is the dark history of its bear life. If word spreads, all the Earth Bear clan’s long-standing reputation will be buried by it.
After a brief exchange, Hudson’s reserve of magic knowledge slowly began to rise. As for the experience of magicians in taming familiars, Hudson simply ignored it.
Using strength to conquer the monsters, using power to conquer the hearts of the monsters, is that something that humans can do?
If it really comes down to a fight with its own bears, even ten Hudsons won’t be enough for Bear Stearns. Any slap would make this little knight fall down.
It’s no wonder that so few people can obtain magic pets. It’s no wonder that such a primitive capture method is so efficient.
Not being beaten to death by monsters is a testament to your strength. In order to increase the chance of winning, it is best to challenge the Warcraft cub. If you are unlucky and happen to meet their parents, it will be a tragedy.
Facing Melissa’s envious look, Hudson could only express his helplessness.
Not everyone can encounter a bear that is “hungry and full” from birth. It would be difficult to make an arrogant monster give up for food if he had not been hungry for several years.
During the entire banquet, the two of them communicated together, leaving Hudson unable to do anything serious.
/From Qiaomu County to the Academy of Magic, from the Southeast Province to the continent of Aslant, the topics covered a wide range of topics and the thinking was so divergent that even Hudson admired himself for being able to handle it.
Under the envious and jealous eyes of all the nobles, Hudson spent a not wonderful night.
Although the beauty is good, it is not so easy to win. Unlike ordinary noble ladies who live in their hometown and travel no more than a hundred miles away, Melissa has seen the world.
Perhaps in the southeastern province, Hudson is among the best, but looking at the entir