Alger thought about it and said:
“The last time your captain showed up was seven days ago, near Sonia Island. This is confirmed by a certain telegram. The Golden Dream did not arrive in Bayam so quickly.
“You have a new helper. If you rely on yourself, even if Steel is alone, you will not be his opponent, and you know that he is always surrounded.”
In response to Alger’s question, Daniz threw out a chip:
“Who is it?” Alger first assumed that Daniz’s attitude was acquiescence, and said with the mentality that he would not lose anything by asking.
Daniz stared at the community cards and simply replied:
“you do not know.”
I don’t know anyone who has the strength to deal with “Iron” Maiviti. Whether he is a pirate or an adventurer, he should have some reputation on the ocean unless he belongs to a secret organization or is going to sea for the first time. Of course, it may also be Dani. I don’t want to answer, for fear of exposing the secret. The most likely possibility is that this person belongs to a certain organization, is going to sea for the first time, and has the strength to deal with “Steel” Maiviti. Alger raised his eyelids slightly, and made a bold guess.
He tapped the edge of the table and asked casually:
“Have a good time in Bansi Port?”
He emphasized the word “play”.
Daniz turned his head in astonishment and blurted out:
“How did you know”
He believed that with the style of the Church of Storms, it would be impossible to expose a scandal. The passengers of the White Onyx only arrived last night, and those who actually witnessed the process had signed confidentiality agreements. How could the news spread so quickly?
Alger smiled and did not answer.
At this moment, he deeply understood the value of Emperor Russell’s words:
Make bold assumptions and verify carefully
Daniz put away the winning chips and muttered:
“It’s not a big deal. There are some ancient customs resurrecting there, which led to the fall of a Storm Bishop.”
Sure enough, Alger chuckled and said:
“I will help you keep an eye on the whereabouts of Steel.
“But how do I contact you?”
“Well, No. 15 Xiangshu Avenue is an uninhabited house. Just write the news on paper and throw it in.” Daniz replied hesitantly.
Alger nodded, and while standing up, he patted “Fire Flame” Daniz on the shoulder:
“Don’t forget the reward.”
He turned around and walked towards the door.
Watching the captain of the ghost ship leave, Daniz couldn’t help but muttered:
/“This guy’s not bad.
“But I have to get out of here.”
He didn’t dare to completely believe Alger, fearing that in a few minutes, the other party would lead “Steel” Maiviti and his group to kill him.
After leaving the Gold Coin Casino, Alger, wearing local wide-legged trousers, walked slowly to the street, entered a department store, found the corresponding counter, took out a handful of brass pennies with a smile and said:
“Give me a deck of tarot cards.”
While waiting, he thought of a question:
At this time