At this time, he was quite exhausted. Although he only responded twice, and mainly relied on the power of the “Poseidon Scepter”, one was to forcefully disperse the storm and smooth the waves, and the other was to provide “… “Enchanting” are all semi-god-level applications, and their spiritual consumption is also very large.
“Even if I can use this Poseidon scepter normally, I can’t hold it for too long. It has a negative effect and won’t burden me. Sometimes I might try to use it.
“Well, what happened with the rebels reminded me. I also have to pray to myself and make a batch of talismans, mainly for underwater activities. In this way, even if I encounter a naval battle, I won’t be tied up. By the way. , I still don’t know how to make the lightning spell, so I have to collect the corresponding occult information. With it, I can deal with enemies who have control of the air.”
Klein muttered a few words silently, threw the “Poseidon Scepter” back into the pile of debris, and quickly returned to the real world.
In the vast and beautiful countryside of East Chester County, there is the side entrance of a very large manor.
Audrey Hall was wearing a black riding uniform with a waisted waist and a simply decorated women’s shirt. She was sitting on the back of a brown-red mare quite familiarly, without swaying at all.
Her black leather boots stepped on the stirrups, and her legs in white trousers were slightly tucked in. She turned her head and smiled at the big golden retriever Susie who was carrying a small leather bag next to her:
/“I’ll wait for you at the edge of the woods”
After saying that, holding the riding crop in her hand, she lowered her back and let the brown mare start running from slow to fast, running in the wilderness.
Audrey prefers beautiful manors and rural scenery to the gorgeous, expensive but gloomy family castle.
One after another, handsome horses followed, and the riders were accompanied by attendants and maids. Their only mission was to protect Miss Audrey.
Susie was also running happily, which was a feeling that could not be experienced in Backlund.
Moreover, she and Audrey will have a small adventure today, which is to explore a long-collapsed ancient tower in the woods. The valuable items there have long been taken away, and there have never been any accidents. It is very suitable for inexperienced people. A place where people are proficient in various skills.
The only problem is that it will get dark in two hours, so there may not be enough time.
It’s still very cold in East Chester County in January, and you can often see snow. The branches and leaves in the woods are withered, and the beasts are hidden and lifeless. \
Audrey led Susie, surrounded by attendants and maids, around the collapsed ancient tower se