At half past six, the installation of the gene repair cabin was completed, the staff were sent away, and David began his practice of ‘Advanced Armored Body Technique’.
At nine o’clock in the morning, David rarely changed into a formal suit, which Emma prepared for him, otherwise he would not know the service taste of Lenka Star, and he might be rude in front of Fox Chao Chao.
Driving the cool hover car, David pressed the autopilot button according to the navigation.
/He doesn’t know the laws of Chia City, so the best option is to let the hover vehicle navigate automatically. The hover vehicle will choose the most appropriate navigation method according to his current social level.
Sure enough, unlike Rock Star, David’s E-level permission allows him to fly at a height of about ten meters in Chia City.
David also discovered that there were not many hover cars at this height, but more hover cars driving on the ground.
No matter where you are, there is a level gap, even if the scenery here is picturesque.
David’s villa is not in the urban area of ??Chia City. Fox’s extraordinary office is in the city center, so David can see most of Chia City from the road.
As hover cars enter urban areas more and more, David also discovers that there are more and more buildings. These buildings adhere to the concept of integration with nature, and green plants and buildings are in perfect harmony.
There are no very tall buildings here, the tallest is only about ten stories, which is about the same height as the tallest plants.
The buildings are more dotted with green, unlike the city in David’s impression, where plants are dotting the city. This is a plant city.
In the central area of ??the city, the hover car approached a building that was integrated with a huge ancient tree. This building looked very old and complemented the huge ancient tree.
As soon as the hover car approached, two police hover cars approached.
“Please enable the identity bracelet permissions!” A policeman said politely on the police hoverboard.
The guests who can come here are either really decent or crazy. The police know the importance of politeness very well.
David set the identity information on the identity bracelet to public and scanned it. Soon the two police hover vehicles turned and guided in front. David’s hover vehicle received the instructions from the police hover vehicle and followed the flight. .
David got off the hover car at the gate of the building, and the hover car automatically found a parking space.
As soon as I walked through the door, a beautiful woman wearing a work skirt came up to me.
“Is this Mr. David?” the woman asked with a respectful salute.
“Yes!” David nodded and responded.
“My lord is already waiting for you, please come with me!” the woman said with a hand gesture.
Walking in the hall, David looked at the layout here, which revealed its heritage everywhere, from the floor to the decoration on the walls, every detail revealed traces of history.
It can be seen that the owner here likes this style ver