In occultism, mirrors are passages connecting the hidden and unknown world, which can easily lead to terrible accidents. Therefore, Klein, who was in a dangerous dream, walked over cautiously, intending to use the ability of the “Priest of Light” to directly destroy This item.
“No, don’t.” Leomaster seemed to be aware of Klein’s plan and shouted in horror, “If it weren’t for it, I would, I would die immediately.”
Ah, Klein looked at the mirror again in confusion.
Although the environment here is extremely dark, two figures are clearly reflected in the mirror. One is Leo Master with many wrinkles and black hair, and the other is Gehrmans with a thin face, black hair and brown eyes, wearing a peaked cap. Paro.
At this moment, when Klein didn’t make any move, Gehrman Sparrow in the mirror slowly turned his head and showed him a gloomy smile.
Suddenly there were ripples on the mirror surface, and a hand stretched out.
Klein just blinked, and the Gehrman Sparrow who looked exactly like him crawled out of the mirror, his face taking on a distinctly gloomy look due to the darkness.
It’s scary. Unfortunately, I don’t look like Gehrman Sparrow, so you didn’t scare me. If it was Zhou Mingrui who appeared in the mirror, I would probably be scared awake. Klein looked at him calmly. , raised his left hand, and a layer of sunlight was already flowing on it.
The gloomy Gehrman Sparrow opposite smiled, and also raised his left hand, letting the noble but evil deep black appear on his glove.
This corresponds to the ability of “Baron of Corruption”
/My clone, Klein, thought for a moment and then raised his right hand expressionlessly.
In his palm was a short milky-white scepter that appeared out of nowhere. The head of the scepter was inlaid with a circle of blue “gems”.
“Poseidon’s Scepter”
Although the actions in the dream must be logical to achieve the desired effect, Klein doubted that this illusory world could not affect the gray mist and the mysterious space. Therefore, he just tried to simplify the ritual process and told himself “Poseidon” The “scepter” is kept in a place similar to a unique area in the spiritual world. You can take it out whenever you want.
/The result of the attempt pleased Klein. As expected, the dream world was unable to distinguish the difference between the unique area in the spiritual world and the gray mist. Under the premise that the “Poseidon Scepter” indeed belonged to him, this semi-god-level sealed object was ” “Take it out”
It really works, otherwise he would have to fight a fierce battle with the opponent. Klein secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
He also believed that the mirror could not replicate the parts related to the gray fog.
The eerie Gehrman Sparrow looked at the opposite side slightly blankly, and instinctively raised his hand, but his right palm was empty.
Then, he saw countless rays of silver lightning shooting out, co