He skillfully drew the holy symbol of the “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”, an omniscient eye, on an open book, and arranged the corresponding altar.
Within the wall of spirituality, he lit a candle, picked up the pure dew extracted from lavender and peppermint, and dropped it on the quietly burning fire.
A fresh and pleasant fragrance filled the air, and Daniz burned several more herbal powders in succession.
After doing all this, he took a step back and said in ancient Hermes:
“I pray for the power of knowledge;
“I pray for the power of reason;
“I pray for the favor of the God of Wisdom;
/“I pray that you will allow me to communicate with the spirit of Edwina Edwards, the mentor of knowledge, the researcher of spiritual creatures, the iceberg above the sea, the spirit of Edwina Edwards from Lundborg.”
As the mantra reverberated, the altar suddenly became cold. Except for the three candles, the remaining brass daggers, salt dishes, hydrosol vials, papers and pens all floated up in the air.
Daniz waited slightly nervously, not knowing what would happen next.
After more than ten seconds, the flames of the three candles swayed together and were dyed pale green.
Daniz’s body suddenly stiffened, and an icy and chilling chill forcefully invaded him, making him completely unable to resist.
He saw his feet taking a step forward uncontrollably.
He saw his left hand raised, grabbing the black pen and the white paper.
He saw himself bending his back, holding a pen in his left hand, writing quickly:
“what’s the matter”
Each word is delicate and continuous, very artistic, completely different from Daniz’s own style.
It was only then that Daniz discovered that he could control his head and throat.
“Captain, the sea god Kavituwa is dead.” He forced out a rather hoarse voice, as if he had a bad cold.
“Specific circumstances.” His left hand wrote smoothly.
Danitz was waiting for this opportunity, and immediately described what happened exactly as it happened, including the fact that Gehrman Sparrow went to Simim Island in order to fulfill a certain adventurer’s wish, including the fact that the other party was suspected of being cursed by the “Poseidon”. It was easily solved after closing the door, including details such as the lunatic’s wrong guess and mistaking the ancient elf ruins for the “Poseidon” ruins.
At the end, Daniz quickly added his own judgment:
“I don’t think the Blood Admiral will come back to Bayam for a long time, nor will most of the famous pirates.
“It will take at least half a year for the impact of this incident to subside.
“Captain, your and Gehrman Sparrow’s hunting plan may have to be put on hold for the time being. I, I want to return to the Golden Dream.”
His left hand paused for a few seconds before writing:
“You continue to follow Gehrman Sparrow as the liaison between me and him.”
“Captain, you, you can teach him the séance ritual,” Daniz shouted hoarsely.
His left hand brushed and wrote:
“This can