“Okay.” Anderson glanced around, cleared his throat and said, “Can you lend me some money? You know, my harvest and cash are all sinking in that sea.”
/At this point, he laughed:
“Don’t worry, I will pay you back tomorrow morning. There are also many pirates in Toscat’s bars and brothels. I plan to ask them to help me a little.”
Those who didn’t have a bounty extorted money, and those who had a bounty took it directly to express themselves. Klein clicked his tongue in his heart, took out a 5 sole note, and handed it to Anderson.
“So few,” Anderson said with half-open mouth.
“It’s enough for you to drink, dine and stay in a hotel.” Klein responded calmly, “and it’s 1 pound in cash.”
“One pound” Anderson rubbed his eyes and said with a helpless smile, “Okay, it’s 1 pound. I will pay you back 1 pound tomorrow morning.”
Anderson, who was afraid that Gehrman Sparrow would repent, grabbed the 5 soli note and imagined in his mind normal beef sizzling on the fire and alcoholic beverages without any tranquilizers.
Oh, this guy actually accepted it. I just said it casually, and let him know that my money is not easy to borrow, lest he doesn’t want to go hunting pirates and plans to borrow a large sum to go back to the Sea of ??Mist directly. Klein muttered something in his mind.
In his opinion, a Sequence 5 “Hunter” in a place with many pirates, even if he doesn’t have a penny on him, will not starve himself and have no place to sleep.
/He shook his head invisibly and was about to move forward to leave the dock when a rough shout suddenly came from behind:
Klein shuddered when he heard Frank Lee’s voice, and turned around nervously.
The first mate of the “Future”, the “toxin expert” with a bounty of 7,000 pounds, stood beside the ship’s side, put his hands to his mouth, and asked like a loudspeaker:
“Where do you hang out and where should you send your letters?”
“I’d like to share my latest research with you.”
I don’t want to know that this guy doesn’t have many friends, and I bet that most of the friends he considers don’t really regard him as a friend. Well, the inner emotions of “Star Admiral” are more towards “Mysterious Queen” “, lacks a sufficient sense of belonging to the Tarot Society, and develops a young man around her in an open and honest manner. No, the source of intelligence is conducive to shocking her. It can be regarded as the beating of Gehrman Sparrow’s level. This paved the way, “The Fool “Sir, if you knock it again, it will become more reasonable and natural. Klein’s thoughts changed quickly, and he took out the note paper and absorbent pen used for divination from his pocket.
He carefully wrote down the summoning ritual for his messenger, not forgetting to indicate that the ritual materials must contain a gold coin.
With a whoosh, Klein shook his wrist, causing the note to shoot towards Frank Lee like a dart, landing accurately in the opponent’s palm.
“Very good” Frank Li glanced at the information on the paper and waved his hands happily.