Opening his eyes, he saw the pure citrine pendant swinging slowly, driving the silver chain to rotate clockwise.
Clockwise means yes, counterclockwise means no. It is safe to return to the real world. Klein breathed a sigh of relief and habitually put away the silver chain. Then, he unfolded his spirituality, wrapped it around himself, and simulated a sharp fall.
/The hazy gray mist and crimson stars quickly disappeared and rushed upwards. Klein soon saw himself staying where he was, saw the tan puppet with half of his body hanging outside the iron box, and discovered the sealed object. All movement seemed to have stopped.
The sensation of his body came into his mind. He was about to move his arms to confirm his condition when a voice hidden in the wind suddenly came to his ears:
“Want to be awakened? As long as you promise me one thing, you can be saved.”
“This thing is to help me pick up the notebook of the Antigonus family.”
“Nod if you agree. I know you can still complete this action now.”
Well, “2049” doesn’t seem to be trying to control me anymore. It won’t affect the same person continuously, and there will be intervals. Klein was startled, but on the surface he remained calm.
At this time, the voice quickly added a few words:
“If you can complete this matter, you will also receive additional rewards. I know that you are a diviner, and I also know that the Church of the Goddess of the Night does not have the subsequent Sequence 8, but our Secret Order can give it to you.”
“Oh, to be honest, I used to be a fortune teller, otherwise I wouldn’t dare to return. In order to show you my sincerity, I will tell you now that the corresponding sequence 8 of fortune teller is clown.”
“Joker” Secret Order Klein almost failed to maintain his “puppetization” state.
He never expected that “divineer” would be associated with “clown”.
Are we going to form a circus giant duo?
“Okay, make your decision. Trust me, you don’t have much time to waste.” The voice came with the wind again. Dunn and Loretta in the distance were still unconscious, and Borgia seemed Severely injured, groaning and motionless, Al Hasson and Leonard Mitchell were relatively well, trying to roll over and sit up.
Why are you looking for me? Is that the clown in a tuxedo? After he ran away, he quietly returned, trying to take advantage. But why did he look for my help? He can deal with everyone here now. Hearing each other’s words, doubts suddenly flashed in his mind. Klein’s mind.
/Since the other party said that he was a “divineer,” Klein began to try to analyze with a “divineer” thinking style:
“He dared to return. It must have been a divination. He believed that monster Bieber would be eliminated and that we would suffer heavy losses.”
“He didn’t go get the notebook himself or deal with us directly. He must have divined that this matter contained great risks, so he suspected that the captain and Ms. Loretta were pretending to be comatose