nly such a simple part, I still feel that it is inappropriate to exchange with Sun Huling like this. This is what I considered before. Who knows what information Sun Huling will get from this memory, and what will happen because of it. Do something.
Shi Yanqiang’s thoughts were very different from mine. He said: “Anyway, this memory is useless to me except for making me feel scared. Rather than clinging to such a useless thing, it is better to exchange it for something useful, and for I feel very satisfied with the news I got last night. At least I know more that I don’t know. You are the same, right? And these news about you also shock you, right?”
/Shi Yanqiang said It is indeed true. What he just told me really shocked me, and in my opinion, this information would not have been obtained if he had not made the exchange, so I can also imagine the preciousness of this information.
I then continued my previous question and said, “So who does Mr. Yin look like? It seems to others that he knows everything about me, and people like the minister can’t do anything to him. Isn’t this a little strange? ?”
Shi Yanqiang said: “Then there is only one way to say that there is a strong force behind Mr. Yin, otherwise the minister would not use such a method to collect information, so I understand why the minister is acting like this to you and Su Jingnan. Interested, even if Su Jingnan is dead and would be so angry with Fan Zhen because Fan Zhen didn’t say anything about you and Su Jingnan, don’t you think so?” Thinking about it
carefully, this is really the case, I I just started to feel that some things seemed to be different from what I originally thought, that is, Su Jingnan’s identity. I always thought that Su Jingnan’s existence was related to the minister, but now it seems that Dong Binhong knows the existence of this person. And it seems that he can control him, so Dong Binhong is from the military and is not under the control of the minister. Otherwise, it is impossible for the minister not to know about Su Jingnan, and he would not go to Fan Zhen to inquire about the information.
/Therefore, Dong Binhong is not affiliated with the minister, so the person behind Dong Binhong is Mr. Yin? I think this is very possible, because judging from the current situation, Mr. Yin seems to know our affairs well, otherwise the minister would not have sent Qian Yelong as an undercover agent. I continued to think further and suddenly felt. So that day when Su Jingnan suddenly died in my house, was it also Mr. Yin’s fault? So a line was connected through Dong Binhong. Not only Dong Binhong, but also Fan Zhen also had an inseparable relationship with Mr. Yin, and then Zhang Ziang, who once killed someone exactly like himself, does he have some connection with Mr. Yin, and now he is rescued by Mr. Yin…
I seem to be able to guess some of the following guesses, but Can’t seem to come up with a complete answer. And I’m not sure whether the following speculations are correct. I just feel that things have become more complicated