Colin, who had pale and messy hair, was not surprised at all by his words and nodded gently:
“What item”
He had long known that Derrick Berg had taken advantage of the vigil to secretly perform a ceremony to pray for blessings on the way.
Moreover, if he hadn’t helped cover it up, this would definitely not have been hidden from Lovia, Li Ge, and Gunalune.
Derrick didn’t know how to call it or describe it, so he took out an iron-black square box from the inside of his clothes that was completely different from the style of Silver City, lifting the “spiritual wall” on the surface.
/Then, instead of lowering his head, he turned his head away and opened the box purely by the feel of his hands.
Inside the box is a human-shaped thing the size of a palm. At first glance, you can notice that it is filled with transparent liquid, which occasionally bubbles up and emits black light. However, if you look closely, you can find that it is made of strips of worm-like things. , the details are filled with indescribable patterns that represent various abstract concepts.
This is the real soul body of the spiritual world predator that Klein obtained before.
He believes that this extraordinary material has an unparalleled attraction for the Trickery Evil. This is not only due to the law of extraordinary characteristic aggregation, but also because once the Trickery Evil obtains it, he will become a complete “Trickster Mage”. “, get rid of the current limitations, obtain the essential improvement of life level, and truly become a demigod.
/Therefore, in order to make the action of hunting trick monsters simpler and clearer without wasting time, Klein risked losing it and lent the true soul of the spiritual world predator to the little “sun”.
Colin Iliad looked at it carefully for a few seconds, then looked away and said:
“Should work.
“Close the lid and don’t attach any more spiritual walls. Just carry it like this and see if you can attract them to the camp.”
“They” Derrick asked subconsciously.
Colin’s face with several old scars showed a slight smile:
“You think there’s only one shapeshifter in North City?
“If it weren’t for the level of this item, I would be worried that it would lead to even more terrifying monsters.”
Derrick felt ashamed and scratched the back of his head. Following the chief’s instructions, he closed the iron-black square box and stuffed it back into the hidden pocket inside his clothes.
During the next patrol, he was always on high alert, but he never waited for the shapeshifter to attack.
After a while, Lovia, Rigg and Gunalun took over their tasks, and Derrick sat back beside the warm fire.
At this moment, a wah-wah sound sounded, and seven or eight crows with black feathers and red eyes flew over, hovering in the air.
This brought an indescribable feeling of terror. Colin Iliad drew out his straight sword and looked up.
Suddenly, something moved in his heart, and he quickly turned his attention to the locat