His last words were to Daniz.
Klein was in no mood to slander Anderson. He looked at the four extraordinary characteristics and said:
“Give me Shatasi’s.”
This is the main material of “Ocean Singer”
Edwina thought for a moment and said:
“I’ll take Snowman’s.”
This corresponds to the “Priest of Light”. Klein already has a copy, so he has no choice.
Anderson glanced at the two remaining Extraordinary characteristics, and his eyes rested on the strange thing like a baby’s hand:
/“I said, this guy is very interesting. Maybe he can be made into a magical item that can chat with me, so that everyone will no longer be lonely.”
At this time, the “Heart of the Giant” was still unowned. Klein glanced at Daniz and said indifferently:
“I didn’t do anything, I didn’t participate in the battle.” Daniz was very surprised.
Klein said succinctly:
“You explored the path and took risks.”
For Klein, this is actually a kind of compensation, because Danitz recited the honorable name of “The Fool” and knew the secret of Gehrman Sparrow, so he must be forced to become a believer of “The Fool”, otherwise he will Leaving great hidden dangers.
Although this was one of the risks that Daniz voluntarily took, Klein still wanted to make up for it. Of course, he hoped that Daniz would regard this as a gift from “The Fool”.
Whether it is exchanging Grossel’s extraordinary characteristics for money, purchasing corresponding formulas and materials, or making them into defensive magical items, it is very useful to Daniz.
“Take it.” Edwina also looked at Daniz and said.
“Okay.” Daniz was silent for a few seconds and nodded heavily.
After the distribution was completed, Klein took a few steps forward, bent down and picked up the extraordinary properties left behind by Xiatasi. He saw the blue seawater swaying gently in the transparent film, and vaguely heard the elf’s beautiful singing again.
/As soon as he stood up straight, he saw Daniz nodding his head, as if he was responding to someone’s question, but no one spoke just now.
Klein’s eyes then swept across Edwina’s expressionless face, suspecting that this “secret instructor” was communicating with Daniz in a voice that no one else could hear.
Seeing Daniz give an affirmative answer, Edwina reached out and closed the Grossell’s Travel Notes on the table and handed it to Klein:
“That’s my thanks.”
“You can defeat the frost dragon without me.” Klein said witho