In the atmosphere of celebration, gun salutes were fired, and King George III issued the order to set sail for a test launch.
/The whistle sounded, thick smoke spewed from the chimney, and the sound of mechanical operation could be vaguely heard.
The behemoth set sail. When it sailed out of the port and used its two bow main guns to bombard the uninhabited island ahead, everyone was shocked.
Boom boom boom boom
The ground seemed to be shaking, dust rushed into the air, and hurricanes swept outward, setting off waves.
Prime Minister Agushid turned his head with satisfaction and said to the nobles, ministers and parliamentarians:
“From now on, the seven pirates who call themselves generals and the four pirates who arrogantly claim the title of king can only tremble and wait for the end.”
“Their era is over. Even if they have more or less extraordinary powers, ghosts or cursed ships, they can only be ironclad ships that traverse the oceans.”
At this time, Agushid’s chief secretary deliberately asked:
“Then they can’t build their own ironclads?”
/Some nobles and congressmen nodded secretly, thinking that this possibility should not be ruled out.
Agushid immediately smiled, shook his head slowly and said:
“It’s impossible, it will never be possible to build such an ironclad. It requires three large coal and steel complexes, more than twenty steel plants, sixty scientists from the Backlund Artillery Research Institute, the Pulitzer Shipbuilding Research Institute, and More senior engineers are needed, two royal shipyards and their affiliated nearly 100 parts factories are needed, a navy department, a shipbuilding committee, a cabinet, a firm king with excellent vision and an annual steel production of 12 million tons are needed. great country”
“The pirates never could.”
At this point, he paused, then raised his arms and shouted passionately:
“Ladies and gentlemen, the age of giant ships and cannons has come.”
After resting for half an hour, Zhou Mingrui, who had already considered himself Klein, finally recovered. During this time, he discovered that there were four more black spots on the back of his right hand, forming a small square.
These four black spots turned from dark to light and disappeared quickly, but Klein knew that they were still hidden in his body, waiting to be awakened.
“Four o’clock, a square. Could it be that it corresponds to the four staple foods in the four corners? Then I don’t need to prepare the staple foods anymore. I can directly do the steps and spells.” Klein had a vague guess.
This seems good, but there are a little more strange origins in it, and the lack of understanding of “things” is always scary.
Then I thought about the inexplicable alchemy on the earth that can actually produce effects here, and then I thought about the strange time travel in my sleep, and then I thought about the mysterious, psychedelic, and gray mist world that I don’t know what it represents, and then I thought abo